May 23, 2003

death letters, photos etc...

well well well...
Here I am in Melbourne and I am laughing and enjoying my post-yoga high and looking through some photos. I am getting revved up for my show in Melbourne tomorrow eve. Milan has put up the Kerri-Anne show on his website. The performance should be up by this evening and I am so confused by the time change that I guess that means we are 3 weeks ahead of all the yanks while we are down here. (he said yanks, heh heh)

Milan took some pictures in Brisbane and in Perth. I think they are below this post. He is much better with these computers than this luddite.

My favorite one is a pic of the death letter i wrote to Marie and her lovely husband over dinner. I hope you enjoy this violent little note.

I'm now off to have a cup of tea and some scones. I am going to throw my clotted cream at Milan's face in front of all the other customers. I want him to know the meaning of the word respect.

I will probably feel bad aboot this, but that feeling will go away.

yours in Christ, Buddah and Allah,

steven jj Poltz


fly by night club in perth


the healer in brisbane live recording
will be released of this show


an award winning photo by milan
at the healer in brisbane

Posted by steve at May 23, 2003 4:38 AM


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Posted by: Lils at May 26, 2003 2:20 AM

Steven J. J. Poltz Rules!

Posted by: FraggleMax at May 26, 2003 10:43 PM

Hi Steve!!

Can't believe I missed you at the Healer in Brissy. Saw your show in Canberra a few years ago with Jewel ( I love here music, but you stole the show) and have been waiting for you to come back. Unfortunatley I am in the UK for twelve months and missed your Brisbane tour. Are you touring anywhere near the UK in the next year??

Happy touring


Posted by: Kylie at July 2, 2003 12:32 PM

Hey Steve,

Question for ya: Did you end up taking the photo of the "Radio Station VIP winners" (ie. the crowd) with you for the CD of the Brissie show? The reason I ask is because I was there, front row, having a memorable evening with my favourite Spiderboy (you even played Kicking Distance for me) and at the end of the show a ran like buggery (although I'm not quite sure how buggery runs ... oooo ... the imagery!!!) to get some money out to buy your DVD. When I got back, out of breath with the mother of all stitches the whole scene looked pretty sedate and I still live in fear to this day that I missed my place in the VIP photo. Although it is debateable whether I am in fact a Very Important Person I would still love to see my ugly mug in amongst the select few.
Now if I did miss the photo can I send you a photo of me to digitize in amongst the lucky buggers (there's that word again...what the hell is up with that?) who were actually snapped? Either that or you could list me as absent?????

Let me know buddy.

Thanks again for the great show! I promise it won't be forgotten in a hurry.


Posted by: Mark Irons at July 5, 2003 2:29 PM

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