August 8, 2003

2 countries 2 days 3 rugburns

wooohooo! we are leaving to play mexico. as long as we don't end up getting arrested, we'll be back in san diego to play the casbah on saturday night.

i hope to see you in mexico with my attorney.

fri aug 8 near rosarito mexico.
sat aug 9 the casbah san diego
me n john n stinky
3 rugburns
2 countries
1 jail cell

Posted by steve at August 8, 2003 10:22 AM


So excited to see the Rugburns as it is my 1st time. Although I have seen Steve in PA last fall. Nice to be back in San Diego...the sun and great music can't beat it! See you at the Casbah

Posted by: April at August 8, 2003 1:16 PM


Would have posted a note on your site earlier, but it took a few weeks to come out of the margarita/beer/bud coma I was in after the Corona Open down in LaSalina, Mexico 8/8/03. GREAT TIME! No longer a Rugburns virgin, I'm the dude who couldn't resist and jumped up on stage and played your Tele and sang into your sweaty microphone for a few songs when you took a short breather. Hey, you said, "...somebody want to come on up and play?" Being a struggling song writer and guitarist, my answer was "HELL YES!" The first song that came to mind was Stephen Stills' "Love the One You're With", then we did a slowed-down chunky version of Zeppelin's "Rock n Roll". Regards to Stinky for slam'n on the drums for me (he kicks ass) and Mr. Bass player for join'n in. Being from Chicago, we don't get to hang loose on the beach very often. It was very cool playing for a Rugburns crowd--THANK YOU! Lastly, thanks to my sweetheart Theresa from San Diego for kidnapping me and taking me down across the border for an awesome weekend.

God bless and keep the fun in your music alive!!! Look me up if your travels bring you through the Windy City of Chicago.

Rick Mucino
Chicago, IL
Guitarist/Tempered Faith

ps. Houses of the Holy IS a really bitch'n album!!

Posted by: Rick Mucino at August 20, 2003 3:39 PM

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