October 22, 2003

goodbye elliott smith

I am so glad I saw you play two times. I was so moved and thankyou for the time I shouted out "Independence Day" and you obliged. That is truly my favorite song. I feel so sad. Thanks for the great music and wonderful melodies. I can't believe how warm you made me feel. I will always love you and your music. Please sleep softly tonight and one day I'll meet you high in the sky. I really loved your music.

Goodbye Elliott.

Steve Poltz

Posted by steve at October 22, 2003 2:59 AM


i am so sad for elliott, but so mad. please don't do things like this. i don't know the exact story yet, but i can't help from being angry at him all the while being so sad for him. i loved elliott's music and his soul even if it was tortured. please rest in peace elliott. many people love you even if you never knew it.

Posted by: mitch at October 22, 2003 3:23 AM

dammit elliott! you were a gem. i will always remember you. needle in the hay will always move me.

Posted by: [email protected] at October 22, 2003 3:41 AM

so sorry to hear the news. i will listen to him today all day long.

Posted by: parchney at October 22, 2003 4:34 AM

i hope he went away easily, he didn't deserve to suffer.

Posted by: sitka at October 22, 2003 4:36 AM

i respect you rmusic so much. please be in a better place where you feel no pain and only pleasure. you deserve it! as i listen to your soft voice tell me i can do what i want whenever i want, it makes me weep. please be safe in your next life. i love you!


Posted by: angelika at October 22, 2003 4:40 AM

this makes me very sad. i really hope this was an accident. elliott, please don't do this. i know it's too late, but so many people love you and wish you the very best. if you have really left us, please rest well where you are and know that you will always be missed.

goodbye to miss misery...

Posted by: david! at October 22, 2003 4:46 AM

mr. elliott smith:

thank you for touching me and everyone else with your beautiful melodies. obviously, you will be missed more than you would or could ever know. as i cry thinking about you leaving us, i want to remember how you moved every soul that heard an ounce of your mind. i hope
that you are resting now as you must have desparately needed it. you are already missed by me and many more i'm sure. please make beautiful music where you are so you can continue to always share your gift. i really do love you.

please rest in peace elliott smith.

Posted by: george at October 22, 2003 5:58 AM

I am so sorry that Elliott could not stay a little longer, but the songs still speak to me, and I am grateful for what he has left behind. After all the pain, the lonliness, the struggle, there must be peace, and I truly hope that Elliott has found it. As I listen now I am imagining him becoming an angel.

Posted by: mcc at October 23, 2003 7:47 AM

elliott smith,

i am so sorry to hear what has happened. thank you for all your brilliant music and singing; you have inspired me greatly. i am so bummed that i never got to see you, but i know one day i will have the pleasure as you play to the special people in the clouds.

rest in peace

Posted by: jaan at October 24, 2003 12:25 AM

i don't wish to be indelicate, but who exactly was elliot smith and how did he die?

Posted by: reviewer rob at October 30, 2003 1:43 AM

Posted by: Sacr0w at October 30, 2003 3:20 AM

If any of you are in the Los Angeles area, I would suggest that you go visit his memorial.

the memorial in l.a. is at: Solutions 4334 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (in Silver Lake)

Whenever I was down, I would break out with my Elliott Smith albums, lay on the floor and cry. A good cry always makes me feel better.

I remember going to see the KCRW benefit show a couple of years ago just to see Elliott Smith play. Then I ran into Mista Poltz and Fiona Apple in the lobby, but not together. What a great night!

Though his songs were of misery, I have nothing but happy fond memories of him. I never got to meet the man but I have met his friends and girlfriend. They looked up to him so much and it breaks my heart when I think about how much they must miss him.

Rest in peace Elliott.

Posted by: potrotneematoad at October 30, 2003 5:04 PM

Everyone emailed me to tell ME they were sorry about your death.
I wish I could have helped you.

You're still turning away at the 76

Posted by: Wendy at February 4, 2004 9:31 PM

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