November 28, 2003

I think I'll go to Ensenada

I just hope I don't end up in some cramped jail cell in the middle of Tijuana for allegedly running a stop sign. There is nothing worse than playing dominoes with the underling of some drug cartel behind bars. I never seem to bring the right attire for incarceration cocktail hour and my eyes get itchy from the dust and ever present jail cats meowing arround the hellish corridors. I always end up ordering the wrong type of meal from the taco vendors. I mean c'mon... tripe is so out of season this time of year.

All I really want to do is visit my sister and her hubby and their 2 kids. Or is it 3 kids? I can never seem to keep it straight. Too many names, too many dossiers. I just know that they are in Ensenada riding motorcycles and smoking donkeyshit cigarrettes and shooting bottle rockets at the stars. Mmm...donkeyshit ciggys. I want in on that action dang it! I always seem to make better decisions after a half bottle of mezcal. I can almost taste the salty worm as I type.

Happy belated Thanksging to everyone. I am in search of Sqaunto and Miles Standish and the Pilgrims and the cornucopia of dreams, the trail of tears and all of those mods that seem to hang on the corner of cool coffee houses with Vespas in tow and beetle boots just waiting for action.

Hasta la vista baby!

Steven and Clark expedition puh puh poltz.

Posted by steve at November 28, 2003 7:48 AM


if you're going to yourself a ticket to jaguares...then play your show at croce's on thursday night (at which my wife and i will be, perhaps even serving as roadies for you) then we'll all caravan to ensenada agasin and party up at the jaguares show on friday night...or we could go see them in TJ on saturday night...just a thought...looking forward to seeing your show!

frank and gloria

Posted by: francisco h. ciriza at November 28, 2003 9:05 AM

Just thought I'd invite you to my show tonight. It's in Hampton,VA (about 20mins from DAna's house)so I expect you to be there dammit! Just

Hope your thanksgiving was well,

Posted by: nate baloy at November 28, 2003 11:25 AM

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