April 4, 2004

take me oot the ballgame

As they say in canada; "take me oot the ballgame eh? take me oot to the crowd. buy me some beer eh? screw the crackerjacks just get me a beer eh or i'll puck ya in da mouth der eh boy." blah blah blah "fer it's 1--2--3 srikes yer oot at the old ball yaaard."

Last night I went to the new ballpark here in San Diego (I believe they call it Petco Park) and I watched my first game in our brand spankin' new home. My friend Mike Halloran is already calling it "BARK PARK" woof woof. Go Sheeba go! The Pads lost to the Seattle Mariners but I gotta tell ya. This new ballyard is way cool be most rad dude and schtuff. It is pretty neat to step off the trolly and see the park in the distance a couple blocks away. Yes it is true-- the prices are expensive for brewskis. I bought 2 and I had to wait for it to pass through ecsrow with a loan officer before I could start sipping er chugging. (But seriously folks--I'll be here all week. Try the buffet and good luck on the slots.)

I want to invite yous guys to come oot for a visit or as they say in Germany "a wisit" and eat a hot dog (mmm hot dogs) yeah baby I love pig particles. My doctor told me the other day I wasn't getting enough pork in my diet. So I've invented pork soap for the shower. It literally soaks into your pores and you smell like a pig all day. it is so awesome. Pork toothpaste and hair gel and face cream and pork q-tips for your ears. I am going to be so rich I'll buy Petco Park and rename it Pork Park. But I digress.

OK the new ballpark is cool and I got a little excited. I just bought a brand new 15" g4 powerbook from Apple and it has backlit keys. How freakin' cool is that g? Garageband rocks and I am making up disco songs this morning. I will post them in a couple days.

I wrote to the author of the Sammy Davis Jr book (Wil Haygood) and he wrote me back! I tracked him down through the Washington Post.
Here is the exchange:

Dear Wil,
I just read the final pages of your wonderful book and I couldn't stop the
tears. I rarely cry and I certainly didn't expect to be so moved by your
biography of Sammy. I had to write you to let you know. You really did him
justice and I learned so much about our history in this wild country. My
only complaint is that your novel had to end. I am a touring musician who
spends most of his time on the road and for me this book was inspiring and
sad and insightful. I can't wait to go search out old videos of Sammy. I
would love any suggestions you might have. The work you put into this
was amazing and you sure know how to paint a vivid moving picture of what
life was like for black artists back in the day. What a complex man was

I can't thank you enough. I am going to tell everyone I know to buy this

Steve Poltz

Then he writes:
Subject: RE: Just finished In Black And White!

steve, what a wonderful touching note you sent. bless you. i spent five
years on the book, practically upended my life to get it done. and the
effort pays off when i hear from someone as sensitive and understanding to
sammy's plight as you. if you can get your hands on a copy of a film called
A Man Called Adam, it would be worthy it. sammy plays a musician; cicely
tyson is in the cast. a million thanks to you, good man. wil

How cool is that? Wil Haygood wrote me back? He called me sensitive. I heard him talking aboot Sammy on NPR and I asked for his book for Christmas from my ma n pa. They told me to piss off and buy it myself. (just kidding mom and dad thanks for the book)

I know I rambled on and on but I leave tomorrow for Australia and it is a 19 hour flight. Yikes.

If you guys can think of a better nickname for Petco Park then Halloran's "Bark Park" then please submit them to moi.

I love you all. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead. Spring forward fall back or somthing like that.

Steveroni "Bacon Fat Face Cream" Poltz

Posted by steve at April 4, 2004 9:47 AM


Hey pookie!
You ARE sensitive -- I'm tempted to call you a name, but I won't cuz I don't want you to cry again. :) Biographys usually aren't my deal, but for you? Anything.

Safe travels, and don't forget to keep us posted with all your exciting adventures on the outlaw continent.


Posted by: ms p at April 4, 2004 11:12 AM

I've been loving your album for months now and just finally wandered over to your website and you're leaving beautiful southern california TOMORROW?!?! Can you play a show tonight??? I'll go over to San Diego! :o) I guess I'll just have to wait until February. Argh. Have a fabulous time in Australia. If you feel like going for coffee or anything before your long flight, my e-mail address is right there :oD Later, mate!


Posted by: Katie at April 4, 2004 12:02 PM

Hey is Melbourne on you itinerary???? I mean Melbourne, FL??? Maybe someday. Living in central FL is like living in music hell!!! Unless you like Justin or Brittney. By the way, Petco provides my gfriend a modest extra cashflow. They are petfriendly as petstores go. I know because I have devoted my life to shovelling rhino poop.....actually not too bad.

Keep up the good music and if you make it to FL, please let me know...I'll be front row!!!!

Posted by: Keeper Dave at April 4, 2004 3:24 PM

We have a new ball park here in Philly too.. maybe I'll take my sons to see it.

Have a safe & great time down under...waiting patiently to see you here in Jersey in May - well, not too patiently - thanks to you allowign the concert things to be available on the 'net, I've been listening to loads of your stuff & downloading them to the ipod.

As for books, the one on Sammy sounds'll make a good read this summer.

I gotta be awake to teach high school tomorrow, so goodnight & thanks for making the world better with your sounds & words.


Posted by: David at April 4, 2004 8:13 PM

Hey Steve,

Speaking of sports... have you any interest in experiencing a game of Aussie rules football while you are here? Could be good for a laugh and I would quite happily be your host and explain the rules and stuff. It beats baseball hands-down I'm afraid!!

Safe travels my friend, and I shall see you in Perth in or around the 17th!!

Cheers, Cathy :)

Posted by: Bilby at April 4, 2004 8:50 PM

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much your music has touched your fans lives. I was very touched by your note to Wil about Sammy. I want to let you know that your music and performances have certainly gotten me through many of hard time. I am a musician that has been trying to break out of the "garage" for 8 years now. I have alwaya found inspiration in your honest music. The way you tell a story through song is wonderful. The best musical experience I have ever had was in Cleveland at a Rugburns show back in 2000. I traveled from Cincinnati to see the Burns live and got the chance to tell you how your music has effected my life. You acctually dedicated Lock Jaw to me. It is a story to tell my kids. That the biggest musical influence to me dedicated a song to me. Thank you for not giving up, for writing honest, from the heart music. You are a class act guy and a wonderful musician. Thank you Steve!
Your fan,
Jesse Rodgers

Posted by: Jesse at April 5, 2004 6:16 AM

Possible nicknames for Petco Park:

Keeping with a doggish theme for now...

Bitch Ditch or Dog Doo Diamond.

What do ya think Steve-o?

Posted by: Carence at April 5, 2004 1:50 PM

Dear Mr. Poltz,

I just looked up the Red Green show to see if I could find it here in Cali...
My search was futile, but I did notice that it airs in Australia on the comedy channel.
Please watch one episode for me sir.
Thank you kindly muchly,
PS...I know this has nothing to do with the topic, just felt a hankering for Red Green and noticed the Australia thing....that and it just felt like it was time to make a horses #ss out of myself again...something I'm quite proficient at and strive to maintain each and every day....sort of a 'laffy vitamin'. Stay safe.

Posted by: Susan at April 5, 2004 10:49 PM

Are you there yet? Are you there yet? Can you hear me now?

Posted by: ms p at April 7, 2004 5:24 AM

Depending on how the Pads' play it may become known as the Litter-Box.

Don The X

Posted by: DXA at April 8, 2004 11:33 AM

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