April 18, 2004

perthy poo


Milan makes me sick. he made me get up off of the couch because he wanted to take my picture with the stupid sunset. I was having the best time with the curtain shut, geeking out on my computer. He's always yelling at me and complaining. If I had a can of vegemite I'd throw it at his face and make him go to the emergency room then at least I wouldn't have to listen to him say "Come on, it's time for sound check" wawawa. But seriously folks Perth was absolutely fantabulistic (Hey if George Bush can say nukeyalur I can say fantabulistic) Perth reminded me of Baja California mixed with Mars. I remember when I was the first man to set foot on Mars, how freaked out everyone was. I hate it when people throw parades in my honor, especially ticker tape, it messes up my hair. Today I am in Melbourne and I'm going to go to yoga because I feel freaky deaky. I have had more cups of tea than a gnome in a crack house (do gnomes really drink tea? for that matter do they really smoke crack?)
Either way, I'm happy and I miss my mommy and daddy. waaaa
Please don't take my blankie away.
Steven "still getting my teeth in" Poltz
p.s. the reason this picture says may 17 2004 is because I am a time traveller and perth is a month ahead in the time zone. next month is really cool. I won American idol.

Posted by steve at April 18, 2004 10:35 PM


Great Pic Polio!
Can you tell me how the Pads will do (uh, did?) against the Cubs in May? And while you're at it, what's IBM trading at in May?
Do you lose your time travel passport if you use it for personal gain or are they cool with that?
Thanks in advance or the past,
Love, Loki

Posted by: Loki at April 19, 2004 12:10 AM

the pads swept the cubbies. ibm will split in may. most people lose their passports but i have a grandfather visa in mine so it's cool. did i shrink this photo in size ok oh wise loki? i am still learning photoshop.

Posted by: steve at April 19, 2004 12:23 AM

this pic reminds me of when i had to beat down a schoolmate in 5th grade. i showed up gangsta style with a beanie.

it's good to see you being techy.

dear loki:
go for the mac!

Posted by: mitch at April 19, 2004 6:40 AM

thanks for the updates p-boy, i'm on my way to my bookie and my broker! (also, nice photoshop work!) what's with this mac stuff everyone's talking about? are you all talking about macdonalds or macdaddy or fleetwood mac or??? pcs rule! (sorry, had to get that in mitch)
love always, loki

Posted by: Loki at April 19, 2004 10:32 AM


i meant macdaddy, of course! i know you dig your pc. it's ok. we both know the macs look cooler though.

i miss you.

Posted by: mitch at April 19, 2004 11:23 AM

Dear Mr. Swami Poltz,

Dear Mr. Swammy as in Sammy/Swammy Poltz,

Dear Mr. Prognosticator Poltz,

Maybe if I lock meself on a long plane excursion I'll force meself to use me photo program too. Thumbs Plus 6...It's supposed to be oondavah.

Nice work Mr.'s fastly becoming your spe-she-ality.

Keep your beautiful chin away from the bar-bie

Wishing you many enchanting Australian sunsets.....

Posted by: susan at April 19, 2004 11:19 PM

Hey Steve,
Is the gig in Canberra tomorrow night at Tilley's cancelled or what?

Posted by: Ella at April 20, 2004 3:35 AM

yes it is cancelled and i am really bummed. the lady who owns the bar cancelled at the last minute. who does that? she said the pre-sale tickets weren't high enough. i have always had a strong walk up crowd and i wanted to build a following in canberra. so now we are stuck with the plane flights and we only get part of the cash back. this is so weak on her part. i would play for only 8 people if i had to, i love what i do and the amount of people always grows in time,
sorry about that. you should complain to her.

Posted by: steverino at April 20, 2004 4:12 AM

Dear Steve,

That picture scares me. Is it that you've mastered the time space continuim? Is it simply that the bright pink of the sunset looks surreal? Or is it just that you remind me of the fellow in the Edvard Munch painting, but right after you've released The Scream?

Posted by: ms p at April 20, 2004 4:16 AM

Cancelled?! Cancelled you say?!
That sucks big time. But I must give you props on your spelling.


Posted by: ms p at April 20, 2004 4:20 AM

hi ms p
my mom hates this pic too. it scares her. you guys would get along. mrs p and ms p

Posted by: steve at April 20, 2004 4:33 AM

Is there an e-mail address or a phone number for this "woman" who cancelled this show?

I say we all contact her, we can all say we were planning on attending whether we live in jersey or italy(she won't know)... If all do our part we can make her regret this decision for the rest of her life.

what an idiot.

Posted by: Carence at April 20, 2004 8:23 AM

i agree!
this is awful 4/20 news!

what idiot cancels a poltz shoe?

do you think she knows todd snider or something?

Posted by: mitch at April 20, 2004 11:38 AM

I'll call her from cali...what a nit wit ....such a behavior of the stagnet worm sort......wait...maybe she's really very nice and just doesn't realize the magnitude of such a foible...If she can hear and see how wonderful your fans are I'm sure she'll get her smarts back.....


Posted by: susan at April 20, 2004 11:59 AM

cancelling a shoe on 420? that bitch is off the brownie list!

it might be the picture though. i'd run like hell if i ran into this guy in a dark perth alley!


Posted by: ash at April 20, 2004 5:43 PM

I made my friend scream at work today. This picture is my new desktop.


Posted by: ms p at April 21, 2004 8:14 PM

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