September 17, 2006

Does this mean Jesus will deliver bratwurst?

Brats Fish Chix and Mushroom Onion Melts?
That is so cool. I was in Breckenridge Colorado driving home from a show and I saw this sign at A&W. I was so happy I pulled in and had a root beer. At first I thought that Jesus would deliver me some food but when I asked at the counter they said no. I was bummed and told them it was false advertising but they weren't having it. I told them that I thought it would boost sales if I could be watching some Sunday NFL with my friends and then the doorbell would ring and there would be Jesus with bag full of brats. I would be the hero and everyone at the party would high five me. Me and Jesus would talk about The Chargers and world peace and the new season of Jericho.

They escorted me out of A&W to my van and asked me to leave. For the record, the mushroom onion melt was very tasty. I think I'll go google the recipe.

Thanks for the good times in Portland last night. A long show. Too long. But lots of laughter and Mississippi Studios is one of my favorite places ever to play a show. If you should find yourselves in Portland, stop by and see a show there. They brew it right!
Love to all,
Potz i mean Poltz

Posted by steve at September 17, 2006 7:44 PM


What is melted with the mushrooms and onions?

Whatever it is, it sounds yummo.

Remember when A&W had The Burger Family? And carhops?

Posted by: Reverend Spankalot at September 17, 2006 8:02 PM

I believe the"Cold, Cold German" may hold the answer to your question. Pairing Brats withSpicy Mustard- that's in the Bible I'm sure! It's a sin to go without the spicy mustard.

Posted by: Christie at September 17, 2006 10:46 PM

I'm sad about Pluto too. It was my favourite planet.
You were even better last night than you were on the CD that Jim recorded at the last show which I had in the CD-player in my car for WEEKS because I became ADDICTED to your material the first time I heard you!
You have an amazing knack of making people feel personally connected to you, ("Yes!! That's exactly how I think, feel etc")... it must be exhausting, but it's lovely for us, and I hope you enjoy it too, so it's not just a "Masochism Tango"**.
Thanks for sharing...
Come back soon.
another the bar,
Big Cyber hugs,
P.S. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. That's awesome!
The Masochism Tango

Another familiar type of love song is the passionate or fiery variety, usually in tango tempo, in which the singer exhorts his partner to haunt him and taunt him and, if at all possible, to consume him with a kiss of fire. This particular illustration of this genre is called The Masochism Tango.

I ache for the touch of your lips, dear,
But much more for the touch of your whips, dear.
You can raise welts
Like nobody else,
As we dance to the Masochism Tango.

Let our love be a flame, not an ember,
Say it's me that you want to dismember.
Blacken my eye,
Set fire to my tie,
As we dance to the Masochism Tango.

At your command
Before you here I stand,
My heart is in my hand...
It's here that I must be.

My heart entreats,
Just hear those savage beats,
And go put on your cleats
And come and trample me.

Your heart is hard as stone or mahogany,
That's why I'm in such exquisite agony.
My soul is on fire,
It's aflame with desire,
Which is why I perspire when we tango.

You caught my nose
In your left castanet, love,
I can feel the pain yet, love,
Ev'ry time I hear drums.

And I envy the rose
That you held in your teeth, love,
With the thorns underneath, love,
Sticking into your gums.

Your eyes cast a spell that bewitches.
The last time I needed twenty stitches
To sew up the gash
That you made with your lash,
As we danced to the Masochism Tango.

Bash in my brain,
And make me scream with pain,
Then kick me once again,
And say we'll never part.

I know too well
I'm underneath your spell,
So, darling, if you smell
Something burning, it's my heart... [hiccup]
'Scuse me!

Take your cigarette from its holder,
And burn your initials in my shoulder.
Fracture my spine,
And swear that you're mine,
As we dance to the Masochism Tango.


Posted by: Heather at September 18, 2006 1:24 AM

I was an A&W carhop. Jesus didn't deliver for us. In fact, we didn't even have mushroom onion melts. Damnit.

Bill remembers my days working there fondly, as I'd strip in the car after he'd pick me up because I couldn't stand the smell of grease infused through my lovely brown and orange polyester togs. I just realized that was over a quarter of a century ago. I'm freakin ancient.

Posted by: Dana at September 18, 2006 7:02 AM

ps. Look at the first line of the sign again -- are they growin' grace & knowledge or growing race & knowledge.


Posted by: Dana at September 18, 2006 7:06 AM

If Jesus does deliver your food, what should the tip be....I mean, he died for my freakin' sins, I'm assuming that a 30% tip would be fair...or is the 20% OK....just curios....and where the hell are my CD's....they were supposed to be here a few days ago, maybe Jesus can deliver those as well as my Chow Mein I just ordered...thanks.

Posted by: jim t at September 18, 2006 6:58 PM

Can't believe you saw that sign in Breckenridge! I just moved to Carlsbad from Colorado. I have loved this music for a few years and thought I'd check out the local scenes. I felt like I came home when I saw the A&W sign! I love your story. I always wanted to walk in a do something to ruffle feathers. I can't wait to catch a show!

Posted by: Dawn Stewart at September 30, 2006 9:26 PM

It would probably seem cool at first to have Jesus come by and talk Chargers. Eventually though you'd discover he was a huge Notre Dame homer, and you'd get tired of all that "when WE beat USC and Michigan Loses to Ohio State, then WE get to play in the BCS championship..." Jesus that gets old after a while. He's probably a soccer fan too.

Posted by: jv at October 24, 2006 2:30 PM

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