January 21, 2007

digging for icicles


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I was a beach guy driving in ice I was snow blind
The weather channel warned that I should stay off the road
I slid in a ditch as my transmission started to unwind
My leg was broke and the air came in it was so damn cold
I didnít know Iíd be dreaming and wishing
That I was in Mexico deep sea fishing
With a sun so warm and the ocean so blue
Instead Iím stuck in a car digging for icicles too

Next came a girl she was driving too fast in her red car
She was sliding towards me at 45 miles per hour
I ducked down and took the jolt just like a rock star
My windows blew open the snow was falling with so much power
I didnít know Iíd be dreaming and wishing
That the girl who hit me would maybe be kissing
Me by the sun and the ocean so blue
Instead sheís stuck next to me digging for icicles too

Well the ambulance came with a fire truck right behind him
They had crow bars and chainsaws and welders and big black dogs
She smiled at me as the fireman wrapped her cold limbs
By the time they got me I felt just like a frozen log
I didnít think Iíd no longer be wishing
For love to find me my whole life Iíd been fishing
She slammed into me with a love so true
I hope I spend my whole life digging for icicles with you
I wake in the morning and my foot she tickles
Her belly is growing and now she craves pickles
Iíll save all my pennies and all of my nickels
Just to be digging for icicles with you

Posted by steve at January 21, 2007 10:10 PM


Yup, that's about what it looked like here this weekend.

Big black dogs?

Posted by: Frag at January 22, 2007 4:25 AM

heh heh....icicles.

Did that happen in Julian? Alpine?

I ate a good torta in Alpine once.

Dang, now I want a torta. Thanks a lot, Poltz.

Posted by: Rev Spankalot at January 22, 2007 10:25 AM

a lovesong that contains: the weather channel & deep sea fishing.

i love this.

Posted by: mlee at January 24, 2007 11:09 AM

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