August 2003

August 29, 2003

tim bluhm, utah, new cd and eating leaves

My fellow leaf eaters,

I heart Tim Bluhm. I have had so much fun travelling through Idaho and Oregon and Utah. We spent the night in my Eurovan right next to the Snake River in Idaho (you da pimp). I slept in the top part of the van and Tim down below. We never spooned. The crazy Idaho wind was howling but it still beat staying in some bland hotel. In the morning we played our guitars by the river on a picnic bench and ate crayons for breakfast. Then we made drawings with our tongues. I am starting to like like this living in my van idea. Next thing you know I'll be writing poetry and making jewelery. I think i am going to stop wearing clothes. If you don't know Tim Bluhm, then by golly go find him and listen to his music. I love it.

Today I am driving to the southern part of Utah for a show near Zion National Park. I wish everyone could come with me. We could go rock climbing and eat tacos on the side of the road and wash our cothes with rocks eventually forsaking them for nudity.

Thanks to all the Seattle folks for a great time. I had fun eating leaves for dinner at a Thai restaurant with Shawn Stewart and Kevin Cole. Man...I hadn't had leaves in years. After I gave them up for Lent I thought I wouldn't go back. Scrappy said he is only going to eat leaves from now on.

Last night's show in Salt Lake was a hoot. (as they say in minnesota) Tim and I sat on stage for hours and traded songs like baseball cards. I never wanted the night to end. I need to come back to Salt Lake more than once every 3 years.

Thanks for buying the new c.d. I probably should have waited but it was like Christmas. I keep telling people that they are the first person to by the c.d. I know these lies are going to catch up with me. Now that I have my own label I can do whatever I want. I don't have to kowtow to the demands of the swine in boardrooms telling me what art is and how their shareholders demand that I stop drinking Lucky Lager. I am going to release 76 c.d.'s in the next 30 years. So by the time I am 70 or so I will have enough money to go to Mars with that guy from n'sync.

See ya in Zion,

steven hippie guy joe leaf eater poltz

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August 26, 2003

sleepy in seattle

Okay okay lets go alright alright okay! Last night I slept in my van in the parking lot of a hotel in Astoria, Oregon. The hotel was right on the water and the sea lions were barking all night. Wow, nature's so bitchin! I went to see Pirates of the Carribean with Scrappy. I loved how Johnny Depp became Keith Richards. He made the movie.

The drive up the Oregon coast was breathtaking. Me and and Scrappy went on a nature hike and threw rocks at cars. There was a huge wreck involving 29 cars and trucks that we caused. I feel awful about it but that feeling will go away.

The shows in the bay area were sofa king cool. So many old friends and lots of new ones too. I can't wait to come back. I am demanding that my agent book me there again and again. I am so happy that people keep making me chocolate chip cookies and breads and brownies. It is nice to have somthing to munch on during the long drives. I met this one crazy trucker in some filthy truck stop who wanted to know if I would like a back rub. I was too shy so I said, "no thanks mister." He followed me for about 7 miles so I finally pulled over and gave him my sister's phone number and now he won't leave her alone. My sister is so mad at me that she told my mom and dad that I smoked pot once in 10th grade. Now I'm grounded and have to be home Sunday for church.

Thanks to the fine Portland folks for the bottle Pinot Noir. Chenin and Shawn are cherry farmers with an unlimited supply of expensive bottles of vino. I think they are secretly dealing weed out of the back of a liquor store.

Sorry for the problems with the website lately. I assure you that these are just growing pains. We have switched a few things that are going to make life better for you. I know it hurts, but I am doing it for your own good. It's just because I love you that I hurt you. In fact I really want to hurt all of you real bad.

In other news... gueass what? I just picked up 500 copies of my new c.d. I have the copies of Chinese Vacation in my grubby little paws as we speak. I think i'll start selling them on stage. They won't be in stores until Sept. 23 so come on out to the live shows.

The merch page on my site will be up in a matter of days, yahoo! We will be able able to ship out same day orders and we will have 98 pounder t-shirts.

I am sleepy in Seattle but i have a renewed sense of vigor. I want to go outside and cross the street against a red light and break the law. Tonight I think I'll set the bar on fire. Yeah yeah fire. Fire's cool.

thanks kids,

steven Xavier poltz

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August 18, 2003

2 down 8 million to go

Thanks to all who came out to McCabe's and Soho. They were both different cousins of the entertainment world. Doug Pettibone was nothing less than brilliant and I loved how he dressed up like a baby cougar and started crying over his pedal steel guitar. But I think he played a wrong note in the third measure of the seventh song. I apologize for that. Anya was hilarious with her impression of entertaiment tonight news anchors who don't know how to modulate. Jeff Berkely held it all together like a horse at a glue factory. His new song was amazing. I'm glad I wrote it for him. Just kidding Jeff.

In Santa Barbara Doug made four mistakes and I may have hit a wrong note in the second verse of the Barbara Streisand medley and I still feel kind of sad about it. Thanks Dougie and thanks to the fine peeps in Santa Barbara for coming oot on a school night, as they say in Canada.

I am off to the bay area for a slew of shows. I hope there aren't any mean, sleep deprived, meth lab truckers out on the lonely highway. I have about 8 million more shows left on the itinerary. Maybe I should quit this business and just concentrate on my gubentorial bid for the great state of California. I'll set things straight in this God forsaken place. You should see the way I balance my checkbook. As long as I still have checks that must mean I still have some money left in my account.

gracias por todo,

Esteban Jose Garciapoltz

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August 15, 2003

McCabe's Guitar Shop Tonight

I am excited as a chihauha on acid to be kicking off my 3 month tour at McCabe's Guitar Shop this evening. This is one of my favorite places to play in Los Angeles. Many of the folks I adore have played here. We're taliking Joni Mitchell, Frank Black, They Might Be Giants, Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins etc...

I have a feeling Doug Pettibone is going to show up fresh off his tour with Lucinda Williams. If this happens then look out. I will punch him in the face and make him play g minor scales all night.

The coolest thing about this spot is that you can see a show and buy some sort of guitar or banjo or just touch a mandolin with your grubby paws. I can spend hours in this place. It is like a museum.

This is a good place for all of you Southern California types to come say goodbye to me or just bring me chocolate chip cookies for my long long road trip I have ahead of me.

I think I'll even sell one of my guitars tonight since it is a guitar shop.

This truly is the official beginning of my Chinese Vacation tour. My cd will be out within the next 30 days.

Thanks for your support over the years.

Mcabe's 3101 pico blvd
santa monica, ca
(310) 828-4497
concert hotline 24 hours (310) 828-4403

This show is all ages!!!!

love love love,

Steven J Poltz

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August 11, 2003

oh what a night!

thankyou a gazillion times over to all who came out to the sold-out casbah show on saturday night. i rank it up there as one of my top 5 rugburns shows ever. the crowd was amazing. lots of jumping up and down and letting the freak flag fly. i think i lost 10 pounds. thanks to john castro for flying his serpico ass out here from nyc.

thanks to rookie card i can't believe how cool their version of dick's automotive sounded. it was surreal to be standing in the audience listening to them rawk. thanks lads! thanks to trophy wife as well.

stinky was the mvp of the night. he went above and beyond the call of duty.

i'll be playing a solo show to kick off my tour at McCabes guitar shop in santa monica,ca. this friday night. i hope you can make it. i'll be out on the road for months. light a candle for me in a catholic church the next time you are in tijuana, mexico.


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August 8, 2003

2 countries 2 days 3 rugburns

wooohooo! we are leaving to play mexico. as long as we don't end up getting arrested, we'll be back in san diego to play the casbah on saturday night.

i hope to see you in mexico with my attorney.

fri aug 8 near rosarito mexico.
sat aug 9 the casbah san diego
me n john n stinky
3 rugburns
2 countries
1 jail cell

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August 4, 2003

steve on san diego radio aug 5

First of all, I would like to thank the folks who came out to the yoga studio for the show. Weird venues are sometimes the coolest. It was fun doing yoga poses and singing at the same time. It was also really neat to see liquor in a yoga studio.

On tues august 5, I will be on t he radio in San Diego at 7:30 am. The station is KPRI 102.1. I'll probably be on the air all morning long making up songs and talking nonsense. I would love it if you would call in and make requests. The phone number is (858) 450-1021.

I am also excited about this weekend and The Rugburns shows. August 8, we are playing in Mexico. Just one hour south of the border from San Diego. Go to for details. Please sign up by this Wednesday if possible. 50 bucks includes all you can drink and your camping fees and a free t-shirt. If you like you may also call greg for details at (858) 735-2252

On Saturday August 9, we blast back across the border to San Diego for a Rugburns show at The Casbah. I am so excited to see John and Stinky that I am going to pee my pants when i see them.

Hasta La Vista

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August 1, 2003

free show in yoga studio

this just in... i will be playing a free show sat. august 2 in la jolla at the yoga studio where i go to sweat on a daily basis. the details are as follows: bikram's yoga college of india la jolla. the phone number is (858) 454 8642 the address is 7514 girard ave 1 suite 2 corner of girard and pearl. there is one catch...i want you to try this yoga so you must sign for 2 classes. the cost is 15 bucks. you will feel so good . there will be free booze that night and i will play from 8 to 10 p.m for free. i hope you can make it. i will take a yoga class with you the next day on sunday.

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