October 2003

October 22, 2003

goodbye elliott smith

I am so glad I saw you play two times. I was so moved and thankyou for the time I shouted out "Independence Day" and you obliged. That is truly my favorite song. I feel so sad. Thanks for the great music and wonderful melodies. I can't believe how warm you made me feel. I will always love you and your music. Please sleep softly tonight and one day I'll meet you high in the sky. I really loved your music.

Goodbye Elliott.

Steve Poltz

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October 21, 2003

they're on to me

It is a bleary overcast day today and the bloke below me is smoking a fag. The wisp of smoke seems to creep upstairs right through my window to my virgin nostrils, so even though I don't smoke I'm enjoying a morning ciggy as I type this missive.
I am paranoid that the C.I.A. is onto me. From now on my correspondence may seem a little cryptic. Please don't tell anyone where I'm at. My location should remain a secret shrouded in mystery, sort of like Jesus' last supper or somthing. I only go out at night and I always wear a hooded black sweatshirt and dark glasses.
Tonight I want you all to meet me at pier 23 near the alley at 9 p.m. Wear somthing red so I know it's you. I'll be hiding in the dumpster. Knock 7 times and then cough and i'll hand you the package with the pictures on a disc and the codes.
Please be prompt and don't tell my record label about this. I think everyone is on to me. I hear voices that I can't seem to quiet. Too many dossiers, too many names. Tonight at The Fez in N.Y.C. I must play with my back to the audience because there are people chasing me. Tonight I am re-naming The Fez pier 23. This is a code that only those in the know will understand.

Thankyou to the 700 people who showed up to my c.d. release party in San Diego. It was a beautiful clear evening full of joy and cheer and fountains and coyotes and horses and tramcars full of cigars and chocolate cake. Thankyou to President Clinton and President Bush for showing up and dancing together to my speed metal version of "reunited and it feels so good." That was really rad man. Thanks to Victor's and the coolest people ever that work there. Thankyou to the navy for flying the jets overhead right at the peak of sugar boogers. You guys were perfect. I have to go now because they're on to me. Remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life.

I feel bad for my friend Westy. He is a devout Red Sox fan. I haven't heard from him in days. Hey Joe...are you oot there? Did you jump oot of a window and relive the ankle dilemma. Are you on crutches? Are you still a Sox fan? Who invented liquid soap and why? When is a good time to take a nap in trash compactor?

I am changing my name to Tralfamadore just for today. There are vans ootside my window and men in suits eating sugary donuts talking into their watches. Mama? Papa? I want to go back to Kansas. Carry on oh wayward son.

I am going to go do some "construction" on Lou and Rain's house.

Blah blah blah,

Tralfy boy

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October 13, 2003

Down to the wire!

Hey Kids,

Steve is going to be on from 6:35 to 7:30 tonight San Diego time.

That's in like a half an hour so get to surfin!

Love and kisses,
Troy Lee Wells

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Down to the wire!!!

Steve will be on from 6:35 to 7:30 tonight, October 13th.

That's in like a half an hour folks so act quick!

Love and Kisses,
Troy Lee Wells

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October 9, 2003

riding in police cars with boys

Whoa nelly! New York. Just like i pictured it, skyscrapers and everything...

I can't believe the New York cops drove me around in their police van after my Fez show. We drove on the wrong side of the road at over 80 miles an hour just to make my heart beat faster and faster. I had just left Dana and Bill's place after cooking tacos for several thousand people. Only in America would New York cops drive you around the city in a police van at warp speed around lowly pedestrians and bicycle riders in the middle of czech intersections and yoga instructors. Thanks to all the folks who came to Dana and Bill's living room show. It was truly epic.

Who woulda thunk that the Cubbies and Red Sox would be competing in October baseball. Last night I went to Yankee Stadium and watched the Red Sox win game one of the American League Championship Series. Wow... What a game! It is like going back in time to visit Yankee Stadium. Hot dogs and beer and crazy fans screaming at each other. Talk about a rivalry. I love October and always get depressed when baseball ends.

My new record is selling like hotcakes at a Lion's Club breakfast. Some crazy guy is selling my used razor on Ebay and the leaves are changing color. The police officer in New York gave me a get out of jail free card after scaring the shit out of me. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Boston here I come.

Stevie Wonder Poltz

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