February 2004

February 23, 2004

Listen Live Wednesday

I will be performing live on the Bob and Tom show Wednesday, February 25th in Indianapolis. (9:00 am eastern time) The show is broadcast on over 100 stations in the United States, 98 Pounder Records headquarters found one station that will be streaming the show on the web. Here is the link....

Love, Steve "nationwide" Poltz

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February 15, 2004

pee is not pink


I think tonight at The Casbah I had too many noodles of the nuclear variety. Nobdy should have pink pee. I am sorry if you couldn't hear the show last night. I know for a fact the show was recorded. We have copies here at the merch section. Come to the free show tomorrow and receive a copy. I can't wait to see my pee go back to yellow.

s j pink pee poltz
p.s. utah is beautiful

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February 13, 2004

See Steve Live - On Line

Just click on the DCN logo and watch his Casbah show Saturday night, 2/14/04.
Afterward, CDs of the show will be available (hot off the press) 15 minutes after the show is over. If you're not at the show, M-Theory will have some for the Sunday in-store show and we'll have them available in the Merch section of within a week or so.

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February 12, 2004

how much does a t cost?


I should have a temper tantrum. Would Axl Rose have put up with this? What if he showed up to his gig and the sign said Axl Ros? Would he charge them extra for the lack of an e? What would Ghandi do? Even he would have thrown a sandal at the promoter's head. Axl, Justin, Janet, and 50 Cent wouldn't put up with this kind of crap. 50 would pop a cap in their asses. What did I do? I meekly walked into the club and said "Hi I'm Steve. I think you guys spelled my name wrong."
The Bartender looked at me disinterested and said " we're out of t's. We can't afford anymore."
I must ask all of you. How much does a t cost? At what price must a powerful nation of ours kowtow to the demands of the t sellers? We are being held hostage ladies and germs and I demand a recall. We need more national security. I am starting an ad hoc committee (whatever that means) and starting a peoples army. We will not stop until there are more t's. I can't go on like this. People are laughing at me. I am nothing but a second rate performer at this juncture of the game. My name is Steve Poltz. NOT POLZ! Polz rhymes with rolls and coals. I am not a hot buttered bun and I refuse to be labeled as one. I bet the next thing that will happen is the newspapers will start billing me as; Hot Buttered Bun appearing tonight in our lounge with special guest, Butter. I urge you to please boycott or girlcott (girlcott sounds sexier) all the clubs that are starting to bill me as Hot Buttered Bun. Quit coming to the shows. (wait--then I'll be broke) O.K. don't quit coming to the shows. I need to go take a time out. My panties are getting ruffled. I'm going to go sit in the corner.

Steven Hot Buttered Bun Poltz (I'm starting to get used to it)

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February 7, 2004

Every Hour, Every Day


Every Hour, Every Day

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