June 2004

June 10, 2004

A.M radio & ahh yes beisbol. me gusta mucho.


This is a pic of Tim Flannery and me. Tim was a very cool second baseman for the San Diego Padres back in the 80's. He used to hustle like Charlie Hustle himself. Yeah that's right--he was the Pete Rose of San Diego without all those messy bookies that seemed to keep popping up during Pete's tenure in the major leagues.
Tim used to take one for team. He really didn't care if he got beaned by a pitch. In fact some folks said he would actually lean right into a pitch to take a base. He was the 3rd base coach of the Pads until he got fired last year. He seems to speak his mind and the politicos at the top hate that sort of thing. They want you to tow the company line. I think the best time I ever had with Tim was up at his surf camp north of Santa Barbara. The playoffs were in full swing and we had just gotten out of the water and the sun was setting over Hollister Ranch. All we had was A.M. radio and hearing Tim comment on the game was goose bump inducing. He was telling me what was going to happen before it happened. Simply amazing. Plus, he makes a good rum and coke.

Tim now has a radio show on 1090 am after the Padre games and he has crazy callers and musical guests. My friends Berkley Hart were on it last week as well as myself. I think I made up a song called 3 Hits In A Row that pissed off some folks. Tim's partner is a big jock named coach John Quintera. He is a lovely man who is just discovering music. This is the only sports talk show I know of that has musical guests and poets. Lizzie Wann recites poems about baseball every week and musicians sing songs. This annoys a few callers because they just want to talk about the game. I love it! Thanks Tim.

By the way--did I mention that my beloved Padres are in first place? They even beat the Red Sox last night. (sorry Joe Daly but you got us the night before. Hats of to Pedro and Wells for a great old fashioned pitching duel) Ever since I was a little kid, I remember talking baseball with my father. If we were pulling weeds outside then we'd be listening to the Dodger game on the radio. Vin Scully would paint a beautiful picture and I would ask my dad all kinds of questions about the game. It took me so long to understand a sacrifice in baseball. I didn't understand why a guy would purposely bunt and get out to advance a runner. My dad would patiently try to explain it to me and I would get angry and say "well, if he had swung the bat, he may have gotten a hit and we wouldn't have 1 out. I think it's stupid dad!" My pops would just laugh and try to explain it to me again. I now finally get it Dad. Thanks for all of those lessons. I still think A.M. radio is the best way to enjoy a game.

Check out Tim Flannery's music at

Happy summer to you all

Steven" field of dreams" Poltz

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June 5, 2004



When I was a little kid my earliest memory was one of my my mom ironing shirts while watching J.F.K.'s funeral on t.v. I remember that she was crying and I didn't understand why. I was only 3 years old, yet I remember it like it was yesterday. It was embedded in my memory like ink on a page. It made me sad yet I didn't really know why. I can still see the black and white t.v. and my mom's sad eyes. It seemed like everybody after that was getting assasinated. I'll never forget Martin Luther King's death and Bobby Kennedy's death and Rosie Grier crying on t.v. If people were't getting shot at then they were overdosing on drugs or somthing else. Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Mama Cass stc.. Vietnam was in full bloom and there were protests and Walter Cronkite on the evening news. I was always asking my parents to explain why we were fighting in Vietnam and they could never really give me a good explanation. Images were being funneled to me nightly on t.v. and it really scared me. By the time John Lennon got shot I was in college and it seemed like everyone on campus was frozen in time.

Toady as I watch the news of Ronald Reagan's death I feel sad. Although I never voted for him, I can't help but marvel at what a huge part of history he played in this amazing country. I'll never forget him lying in a hospital bed after the assasination attempt on his life and him apoligizing to Nancy for forgetting to duck. I love a good sense of humor and he used to crack me up. He was a fascinating man with an amazing history and quite a love affair.

Tonight I will have a shot of Jameson in his honor.

Rest In Peace Ronald and safe travels.



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June 4, 2004

Polio on the Radio.

Hey babies,

Steve will be Tim Flannery's guest after the ball game at Redfields tonight. The show will start shortly after the Padre's win the game. The Manchester Grand Hyatt at Redfields on Harbor drive 200 yards north of the ballpark.

Be there or be squa...oh...wait!

If you can't make it you can listen in on AM 1090

Love and inappropriately long kisses,
~Troy Lee Wells

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June 3, 2004

mmm, nicotine and nuptials


So there I was walking the steets of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, when all of a sudden I came across a nervous bride to be getting her last ciggy fix before tying the knot. I wonder if she is wondering if she was about to make a mistake, or if she was just jonesing for some Phillip Morris/ R.J.R. Reynolds products. I think she is thinking about that pre-nup she just signed. Maybe she is just pissed at me for taking the pic.

Good to be home and off the road. Thanks to all the folks at all the cool venues I just played. One guy in Indianapolis told me he loved The Rugburns and once ran over a cat in his truck (accidentally) and the cat was almost dead so he put it out of its misery while cranking "Taking The World By Donkey." I wonder what song he was listening to off of that album. I hope it was "Now's Not The Right Time For Love." When he told me that story, I said "thanks, I think."

It was also a blast playing the American Legion Hall in Frankton, Indiana. I guess I got out of town right before the tornado.

Chattanooga, Nashville, Cleeeeev-land, NEW YORK CITY, Bossss-TOWN, D.C. AND I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE MAN, I've been everywhere. Time to go to sleep for 5 days straight.

Just added a Rugburns show at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach Ca. on June 26 Saturday night. tix to San Diego are cheap right now. I suggest ya'll get yer bootys out here. John Castro is doing it. And he's bringing his bass geetar.

Cheerio Pip Pip and all that rot eh what???

Steven JJJJJJJJJ Poltz

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