April 2005

April 21, 2005

Busy bees and Kansas State Troopers

Photo by Frag

Hi Folks
We are buzzing like worker bees out here on the road. Yesterday we got pulled over by the Kansas State Troopers and they asked me if we were carrying any illegal firearms or any drugs. I said "no officer, we don't carry no weapons or drugs. We are peace loving health freaks." He then asked if he could search our VW van and I said "search away officer." When i told him that Stinky played a cardboard box and we sang country songs he startted laughing and sent us on our way with no further problems. I invited him to the show and just said no. So I gave him a Rugburns cd with the picture of me in a dress and he looked scared. I like Kansas. The people here treat you fine and they have awesome BBQ. Click below to hear a recording of last night's show in K.C. at Davey's Uptown. The song is called Once Again and i wrote it with A.J. Croce.

Love you heaps

Listen Here

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April 14, 2005

date change for s-s-s-sprindale utah!


Hi Folks
There was a major screwup at headquarters. The corporate office at 98 Pounder Records is going to fire someone. We just don't know who yet. It is going to be like The Apprentice only with cooler hair. Here's the problem; the date in Springdale, Utah was changed to Friday, April 15. The original date was Saturday the 16th. The date is now Friday, April 15. I repeat, FRIDAY APRIL 15 thhhhhhh.

I think I should fire myself for this screwup but Donald has advised me that I am C.E.O. and this might scare our shareholders.

What the hell should I do? I think I should wake up and smell the catfood.

Steve-erroneous- Poltzillyus

P.S. We added a Detroit show! Another New York show too. Check the tour dates.

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April 5, 2005

listen to steve on radio kaos

Hi folks,
The tour is going like gangbusters or something like that. We are having a blast and driving gazillions of miles to play for the people. George is working his arse off and doing the job of 10 grown men. Stinky is playing the box and singing like a champ. Kudos to John Castro for flying out to the bay area for the last 4 shows. Now we are down to 3 little Indians.

The live show recordings are going better than expected. We've connected with our target market and the units are flying off the shelves. The first 4 shows are completely different animals. Weird stuff happened at all 4 shows. If you would like to get copies of the shows they will be available. Write to [email protected]
Each one has its own personalized signature and stupid drawing on it. They are all double cds except for the Russian River Brewing Co. show because I wouldn't shut up so it is 3 cds.

I will be on the radio tonight April 5th, and you can listen on this thing called the internet.
i'lll number about 15 of my songs and they will be chosen at random by the person who calls in to the radio station. Ask a question about your life and then pick a number and whatever song corresponds to that number gets played. Then we discuss it together. That's why there is an 8 ball silly!

Thanks for coming out to the shows, see ya in Olympia tonight .


Here is the info they sent to me about the details of tonight's radio show.


Radio8Ball is a radio show AND a divining tool.

People call in with questions about their lives

and these questions are answered

by picking CDís at random,

putting them in the cd player,

and pressing shuffle function.

The song which is randomly chosen is the answer.

Like a tarot card.

When a live musical guest

like Steve Poltz

is on the show itís a little different but just as random.

Steve brings a list of songs,

numbered one to whatever.

The caller asks their question and picks a number.

The song number that they pick is then played by Steve.

Afterwards we all discuss what the answer meant to us.

It is a truly unique broadcast experience whether you participate

or just listen.

Hereís the details:

Tuesday, April 5th

KAOS 89.3 FM

Online broadcast:

6 to 8PM (west coast time) steve sings the theme song at 6 pm and then is on from 7pm to 8 pm

360 867 KAOS Olympia ya ya ya

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