May 2005

May 27, 2005

Tonight May 27!

poster by jesse burden

I just drove in from New Jersey. (wussy drive!) I am so happy. It has been too long since my feet have been on the sweet dirty soil of San Diego. My drive home was wonderful and I will write more about the trip home tomorrow. I am with sweet Lou Demarco of Lou and Rain's house concert series-o-rama. What was I thinking asking him to drive across the country with me? All we did was drink Redbull and argue like an old married couple. "take 40 west. no take 17 south. watch your speed on that turn. you idiot lou!"

Tonight I am going to rock the Casbah like an 88 year old geriatric full of Ensure and Cialis. I can't wait to see all of my S.D. homies yo what up dog and stuff like that you guys are neato burrito. and stuff too.

Stinky's band The Defilers are opening the show. Then John Castro's band Pretendo are taking the stage. John's band also includes ex-San Diegan Devon Goldberg. You may remember him from his old band Creedle. Then John Stinky and I all play together in the sand box and throw poo at each other.

Then Sunday I play a coffee house type show at Lestat's. All ages Yo!

I really missed you guys. I feel so sentimental and warm and gooey inside. I want to throw a Molotov cocktail through my neighbor's window and run naked down the block until the cops come and tie me down and send me to the psych ward.

yours kind of truly,
Steven Poltz

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May 11, 2005

The Mexico Drug Bust Pics (Boston here we come)



Hi Friends,
I finally found the pics from the Mexico trip I took with Jewel back in I think 1993. I am not certain of the year as the forklift trucks in my brain are shifting the grey matter around to find the correct date. Now that I look at the picture I see it says 1995. This means we must have written some other song down there. Maybe I smuggled all that weed back to the states and can't remember anything. I think the song we wrote on the drug bust was I thought I saw you last night or Daddy She's a Goddess. I do remember that we wrote You Were Meant For Me down there on a surfing trip and one other song called Food Stamp Love. I always thought FSL was going to be the hit. But what the hell do I know? If I was running the record companies it would be a very different story with no records being sold and the whole thing going to hell in a hand basket. Oh wait… it already is that way. Never mind.

This was such a fun and scary trip. Looking at the pictures now I realize I looked like John the Baptist kissing a bag of weed. I had long hair and a semi- beard. I still remember how cool it was to see Jewel ‘s hair flying back in the wind at 80 MPH on a speed boat with an AK47 in her hands and mine. Ahh, the salad days. I still get chill bumps over the memory. We were supposedly being taken whale watching by the Mexican Federales when they were summoned by their radios to catch some drug smugglers. We were like pirates hunting other pirates. All I know is that there was a lot of weed dude. All the pot in the picture is only half the stuff that they turned in. There was much more that seemed to disappear or they must have had a party with. Nudge nudge wink wink. I was just happy to get the hell out of there alive. I have had a fun life. Thanks. And thanks Jewel for participating in the drug bust and song writing strangeness.

I want to thank the fine folks of Indianapolis for spurring me on to find these photos. That was a wacked out show last night. I think I blew a head gasket or something. We are now leaving the Midwest and heading to Boston. You must not miss our show on Friday the 13th. I think something weird is going to happen. Ticket info


Steven jj Poltz

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May 8, 2005

My jeans is dirty

photo by frag

Hi Livers,

My Wrangler jeans experiment needs to come to an end. I have worn them for 13 days in a row now. Fabrese is being sprayed liberally by my tour mates every few hours. I was hoping to make it to the end of the tour still wearing them but I don't know if it will happen. I may retire them after the show tonight in Milwaukee. I ain't fer certain though. I kinda like the way they feel on my twigs.

Wow! Chicago was pretty effing kewl the other night. It was also great to return to Cleveland O high O. Last night in Minneapolis I got to ketchup with Mr. Schneider and Billy Harvey and the lads. Twas a great night as well. How the hell did I get so lucky?

I am so sad I didn't get to see the Cubbies game. Sleep was more of a priority that day. I think I have finally kicked this cold's arse. I was sent a package of socks and a great book to Chicago by my friend Poppy. Thanks. I have been wanting to read A Confederacy of Dunces for some time now. The socks saved the day. You can wear the same jeans everyday but you gots to change yer socks and boxers. At least that is what my ma says. Oh yeah... Happy Mother's Day Mom.
Thanks for paying for those guitar lessons when I was 6. I love you.

Steven double J Poltz

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May 5, 2005

86 years young!


Last night in Pittsburgh, George ( our tour manager/recorder of the shows) had his Grandma Marge show up. We gave her some Mother's Day flowers and sang to her. She stood up and started doing the mash potato to Chinese Vacation. It was simply amazing. That lady knows how to party. Thanks Marge and I hope you have a million more good times. I think George had all his relatives show up to the gig. I felt like I was at a wedding except we didn't sing Ave Maria.

Note the beautiful 12 dollar penguin sweater I found in a thrift store in the south side.. George is going to try to steal it from but I won't let him. I'll guard that thing like Fort Knox. I think I like Pittsburgh.

Detroit was full of lots of good energy the other night as well. I went to the new ballpark to see the Tigers play the Red Sox. Red Sox won on a grand slam by Doug Mirabelli. Beautiful ballpark and man was it COLD! I think it was 30 degrees oot there. It was so good to get back to Detroit and play a show. I promise not to wait so long next time.

See ya in Cleveland tonight,


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May 3, 2005

I am quitting touring to study the JFK conspiracy

photo by paul stagani

Forget music. I am obsessed with the JFK assassination. I spent too much time in Dallas. All I really want to talk about is whodunnit. I lounged on the grassy knoll and discussed various theories with the bums who sell info and give you their economic theories. I gave a homeless man a ciggy and listened to his version of what he thinks happened.

Tonight we play Detroit. It has been too long since I have rocked this hamlet. I think most of the Pistons are coming to the show. I hear tell that they are huge fans of cardboard box and guitar beats.

We are always late. I am sick of the van. I wish I had clean socks. Yoo Hoo is pretty good when mixed with jolly ranchers. Do I even have a home? I know a couple of waitresses at The Waffle Houses in various towns across the country. One of them has a gold tooth and a smile wider than the Mississippi.

PAZ and Applause and apple sauce,


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