July 2005

July 24, 2005

steve goes psychedelic

photo by michael the space dog

Hi Kids,

Thanks to all those who came oot to the shows eh. I was in Minneapolis iss iss and Madison. What a hoot it was to play for the tens of thousands who attended these milestone shows. If you weren't there then I don't like you anymore and will never talk to you again. Both shows had their own personalities like Sybil. Minneapolis was a marathon show and I think the soundman bootlegged it so he will be hearing from my crack team of cracked out attorneys shortly. I will send him to the poorhouse with only his shoes and his glasses.

Madison was an extravagant sprint of a show. I shared the bill with some crazy kids from Kansas that go by the moniker of Split Lip Rayfield. They are pretty neato and I think you would enjoy their song stylings. They remind me of Mojo Nixon if he was raised by the Foogy Bottom Boys in a whorehouse full of moonshine. Check it oot.

I played both shows with a poodle on stage and snakes hanging from the ceiling. One of the snakes bit me and I had to go to the emergency room for some morphine. My poodle shat on the floor of the hospital and they kicked him oot on the street.. It was awful to hear him whimper from ootside my hospital room.

Today I am off to the land of my birth. Halifax Nova Scotia eh? I hope they let me back in to the country. Last time I was here they strip searched me and questioned me for hours. Something about my shaving kit and a manifesto I had scrolled on the back of a cocktail napkin once years ago in the lounge of a Holiday Inn. They didn't like the part about me taking over Canada making everyone walk around naked drinking purple Kool Aid.

Here is a song I made up the othe day after I saw the documentary Dig. I pretended I was in the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Click below where it says listen hear hosehead.

I miss you like I miss Missy Misdmeanor,

Steven jj Poltz


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