August 2005

August 11, 2005

a brief history of my life


I wonder if you can guess which little Catholic I am?

This is a little ditty about my life as I remember it. Just a slice of it. A wee slice.

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We first moved to the USA all the way from Canada
We drove all across the continent from Nova Scotia to Pasadena
My Sister & Me & My Mom & Dad from the sunny south
There were palm trees growin & it was not snowin & I never did shut my mouth

We drove right over to the courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles
We put our hands on a Bible and we swore as a family that we were not communist
When we drove away I started to cry they said whatís wrong son are you sick?
I said I donít wanna be an AMERICAN I wanna be a Catholic

Weíd talk Hollywood & Baseball in the car
The Voice of Vin Scully (Ernie Harwell, Jack Buck, Jerry Coleman) could travel
Really far
Iíd get allergies & Asthma in the Yard
No one told me growin up would be so hard

One of my earliest memories was John Kennedy getting shot
My mom was cryin and ironing clothes & my face felt really hot
I watched the funeral on TV it was there in Black & White
I watched his son salute his flag draped coffin things just did not seem right

I made my first communion in St Ritas Catholic Church
There was incense choking & the priest was smoking There was a choir in the perch
my face got pale & my stomach felt bad. They said if your gonna get sick use a cup
I thought by the time that it was my turn Jesus would be all eaten up

I saw a war start overseas in a place called Vietnam
There were protests in the streets at night. There was talk of guns & bombs
I watched the President say to us that he was not a crook
Next thing you know he resigned. You can read about it in a book

My allergies were bad so we moved to the desert to a city called Palm Springs
We trick or treated at Liberaceís house each finger had a diamond ring
We met Elvis Presley in the middle of the summer He hugged my sister for far too long
I felt kinda weird but I wouldíve pimped her out just to hear him sing a song.

Now here I am a middle aged man at home on the fourth of July
Stariní out at the ocean and the fireworks in the sky
I miss my friends who arenít around
The ones whoíve passed away
Iím feeliní kinda grateful here on Independence Day

love always,

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August 9, 2005

breaking news! boise changes name of city.

belly up.jpg

This is crazy news. I can't believe it but I finally did something really important. I have made a change in this world. I have done something positive. I have changed the name of Boise to Girlsy and now I am going to play Boise, Idaho for the first time in my life. Why have I never played this city? I guess it is because the name wasn't sexy enough. Girlsy sounds better. I even came up with a brief history of Boise. Once you listen to the recording below you will understand. This is breaking news and remember that you heard it here first. Just click below where it says listen to breaking news about Boise, Idaho.

Listen to breaking news about Boise, Idaho

I hope this helps you with your history.

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August 4, 2005

I am an ad executive for the australian council of ad stuff that's really important


I made up a poster and song ad campaign for my tour to Australia. I think it is really going to increase ticket sales way over there in that other place across the world. No one likes my ad. It was deemed unacceptable. This hurts my feelings real bad insde. You may listen to the ad if you feel like it by clicking where it says I like Steve so much that I am going to fly to the shows in Australia.

Anyone can buy a ticket to the shows in Australia
The tickets are on sale now. The info is on this website
Just click on with the shows. If you donít live in Australia
Then you should go on a holiday and visit the land down under.
Itís not as expensive as you think. What are you living your life for? Get out and see the world. In 100 years weíll all be dead and as your spirit is floating around looking for a German Shepard to be reincarnated in to. Youíll say ďhuh? I died with money in the bank? What a freakiní moron. I could have seen Steverino play with Gregory Page and Jeff Berkely. I bet it was a great show! Itís so rare that those guys would even play together. Especially in Australia and now I am dead and I missed it. And now theyíre dead too. So what are the chances of it happening again?Ē Slim to effing none!

I like Steve so much that I am going to fly to the shows in Australia

you may rate this ad on a scale of zero to negative one hundred

This is an add on for the country of France and Stefan. I hope that you will find this ad acceptable. I still want to use the same song though. France really hurt my feelings by not liking my previous poster. I am a child of God and I want everyone to be happy. I have now designed a new poster for the tour. I hope that Australia likes this one better as well. Please let me know if this poster is the one you would like to use.


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August 1, 2005

disposable things


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Sing along with Steve in the key of A

Disposable Things

I think of you when Iím alone
You make me melt like ice cream cone
Iím holding you inside my heart so gay

I think of you each time I shop
You make my head feel like it pop
Iím in IKEA buying crap today

Disposable things
Sideways flings
We acted like kings when we were young
I need to make amends
To some of my friends
I suppose that depends on if theyíll listen

We owned this town some years ago
We smashed our glasses stubbed our toes
My life is better Ďcause youíre in it

Iíve gotten tangled in some nets
Iíve woken up full of regrets
I stuck my hand out and I got bit


The truth has been inside of me
Sometimes it is so hard to see
Maybe I need some reading glasses

I learned some lessons from above
You taught me so much about love
Itís greenest here right where the grass is


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