October 2005

October 31, 2005

sewing machine


Happy Halloween everybody. I love you all. In a brotherly kind of way.

This is a song I made up because Bob Schneider gave me the title of Sewing Machine for our songwriting game. So the other morning this story sort of popped in to my head and I wrote away. Then I took it to A.J. Croce and he came up with some neato chords for me to sing it to so we recorded it at his house.


Sewing Machine

Well he lives in a hole in a tree
He’s much much smaller than me
He lures the children up for spider tea
He’s buzzy as a bumblebee
His fingernails have all turned black
His nose is like an old smokestack
Steam leaves his ears and when the smoke clears
You’ll see that you can’t go back
he says his name is Jack Bevil
his voice is as screetchy as a weasel
he’ll sew you up to the wall in a long dark hall
he’s got a bunch of kids sewn to an easel
at least a 100 kids sewn to an easel

s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sewing machine
he sews the kids together and his teeth (skin is) are green
you can’t scratch an itch, your eye can barely twitch
he’s a mean old man with a sewing machine

well the parents tell the kids “don’t go in the woods”
there’s a scary scary man who isn’t good
little Mary didn’t listen as hard as she could
now she’s sewn to the wall in a hood
she’s got a brother with a hook for an arm
from an accident that happened on the farm
his name is Ben he doesn’t have any friends
all the children made fun of his arm

Little Ben scratched his itch with his hook
And got an idea while reading a book
He welded scissors to his hook
Where his hand used to be
And said,”I’ll search for my sister down by the brook”
Little Ben walked deep in to the f-f-f-forest
And all the owls started singing in a c-chorus
“be careful little boy when you go around the pass
there’s a gargoyle in a hood named Boris”
well Ben climbed into the cave in the ground
it was c-cold and so far down
it was dark and hard to see but he screamed for Mary
and he kept going down down down
when he got to the bottom of the cave
he felt like he was in a big grave
there were kids sewn to the walls
and down all the halls
that he knew he had to save
he cut the children down just like he was a crook
using the scissors on the end of his hook
as the kids broke free
they were screaming with glee
saying, “Ben you are the man”

Well Jack Bevil was as angry as a snake
He jumped out of a big black cake
He grabbed Ben by his coat
and with his hands around his throat
his evil body started to sh-sh-shake
Jack Bevil fell to the ground
And his tears fell all around
He said,” I’m sorry I kept you here
I was lonely without cheer
And no one talks to me in this town”
well Jack Bevil sits alone in his cell
but when they ring the jailhouse bell
little Ben will come to see him
even though they’ll never free him
he sews clothes for half the town in his cell
he ‘s making friends by mending clothes from his cell

s-s-s-s-s-sewing machine
he sews clothes for all the kids but his skin’s still green
he can’t scratch an itch
his eye has a twitch
he’s a lonely old man with a sewing machine
he’s making new friends with his sewing machine

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October 27, 2005

Hi there peeps!


I miss you guys. I think I was stuck in a baseball coma. Now the season is over and I can get back to more important things like updating this blog on a more timely basis. Can you believe those Astos?

Congats to the Sox of Whitness. Can somebody next year who doesn't have a team named after a sock color please win? How about a National League team while we're at it? Perhaps one with say- a Spanish name for a Priest! Yeah a Spanish name for a Priest. That would be way cool doood.
Sorry I have been a deadbeat Dad around here lately. Please forgive me for I have sinned. I have been watching the greatest game ever invented. It is such a joy to me to see the drama unfold and wonder what the hell is going to happen tonight in the this three act tragedy of Shakespearian proportions on the base paths. The lazy pace of baseball lulls me in to a meditative trance of relaxation and being in the moment where nothing else matters. Just the anticipation of the next pitch and the unraveling of a long season for some poor sucker who worked so hard to get to this point. i think of larry walker and what he went through to play a boy's game in the church of beisbol on a diamond in a blessed life. How lucky we are to be alive on such a beautiful foggy day on the closing the World Series. I am happy I know you and that our lives have somehow intersected on this musical planet.
P.S. I am playing a show Saturday Oct 28th at Lestat's (with Gregory Page) all ages

P.S.S. here is a strange little ditty I made up today.


politicians have eyes
tiny yellow fortune teller eyes
peering out and in and in and out
watching every breath you take
just like Sting

only it’s Cheney and Wolfowitz
with snarky smirks across lizard lips
from nefarious late night secret trysts
with flicking tongues and snaky wrists

too many files and dossiers
too many donuts on silver trays
paranoid of moles and enemies
dilettantes with hearts in a state of deep freeze

knives hiding out behind cold fat backs
blackmail hookers with huge fake racks
while poor people living in cardboard shacks
roam like wolves in hungry packs

wrinkled suits with mismatched ties
hide cold black hearts chock full of lies
and grease stained shirts from old French fries
leave a paper trail of greedy eyes

he said she said we all turn blue
with pork barrel bellies poking through
Christian Muslim heathen or Jew
in one big pot of greedy man's stew

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