February 2006

February 4, 2006

schmalentines day

photo by pablo

This is the yin to the yang. I have been here in Austin for a spell and I am getting excited about flying home for this Valentines Day show. Ms. P reminded me of Happy Valentines Schmalentines from Answering Machine. Here it is below for your consideration for a Grammy Oscar Madison Twinkee Dog Nut. I must have been pretty bitter when I wrote and recorded this. Today was my 35th day in a row of doing Bikram Yoga so all I know now is love. Woooo hippie guy Joe. I make me sick with all this lovey dovey crap. No I don't. YES I DO! What an idiot.

Has anyone seen the new Woody Allen flick? Match Point? Bueller? Anyone? It's really good. I give it 2 middle fingers straight up the old wazoo. Seriously folks- go see it. Great tension and funny London accents and more twists than a french cruller. Crueller? Bueller? Poo ler? POO- ler? get it? Poo? I'm cracking myself up. Hi I'm 8.

See ya at The Bellyup on V day. Gregory Page is opening so we'll probably sing a poo load of sauces together too. It's a dinner show and they are serving poo on a stick. oh man- I gotta stop.


Steven i pooed my pants on the wrestling mat Poltz


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