March 2006

March 10, 2006

Anywhere but Memphis (fishing for microfiche)


PART 1-----------(before the collapse)
I went fishing for microfiche.
I used a saw and a hammer.
I found a hook in my shoe.
I caught an article about you.
It smelled fishy.
My fingernails smelled like carp. Crap and carp. Carpy crap. The new taste treat
Now in snack size portions.
I walked along the train tracks and I thought
of your smile. Big like the moon only proportionately
smaller. Like a 4th grade book report on lions.
I went fishing for microfiche. And all I got was this lousy
t-shirt. And a memory of you and your baggage. Your face was like an old Twilight Zone
episode. Familiar and scary all at once. Teeth like re-bar and ears like radar
detectors. I wish I could yell in your ear and break your ear drum. Sometimes I wish I could
go back in the microfiche ocean and hang out on the bottom with the crustaceans. But here I
am in Memphis. Waiting for the newspaper man to drive by in that un-mufflered
station wagon rat tat a tattling across my gravel to deliver my morning ritual of pain
and salvation. Redemption and prose for the weak like me. Left to wait and think and wait
and think and wait. Kind of like Siddhartha- lite . Less filling but still tastes kinda great. Actually it tastes like chicken but it keeps my mind off of you and your fish eyes.
Yeah, I went fishing for microfiche and I ended up in the emergency room with a hook in my heart.


PART TWO-------(post collapse)
Skeezy little creatures running by my table
Thereís a naked man next to me says his name is mable
I been drugged like patty hearst
Wet to the gills
Itís not my last itís not my first
I Ďm hiding in the hills

I could have been in Vietnam A soldier high on pills
A pistol shoved into my mouth a laundry list of kills
I could have loved you like my dog
A princely love that never ends
Post kiss I still remain a frog
Iím dizzy from the bends

Whereís the one? I always dream of.
Whereís the one? I always dream of.
she could be anywhere but Memphis.
Anywhere but my home

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March 3, 2006

The yoga venue tour


Dear Friends,
Last week I played Bend Studio in Dallas and tomorrow I play Bikram Yoga here in Austin Texxxas. Actually the neighborhood is called Davenport but let's not get picky. The show is Saturday night at 8 PM on the 4th day of March in the year of 2006. I sure hope you can make it out for this one time only special heschel show in an intimate setting that will bring goose bumps to your skin. You will be so close to me that I will spit on you as I sing. Wait a minute... that doesn't sound right. (512) 328-4949 for tickets.

I will be out here in Austin for South by Southwest music festival. My showcase is March 16th at 9 PM at the Whiskey Bar. The new cd is almost finished and it sounds pretty neato.It will be out this summer so be ready for a show near you. Perhaps even a show at your house. So if I don't see you at SXSW then hopefully we'll run into each other at 7/11 buying Yoo Hoo.

P.S. I stopped my streak at 46 staright days of yoga. Now I am finally going to fatten up.

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