April 2006

April 28, 2006

Hey city slickers! Go camping with 2 psychos.


There are only 11 spaces available. Available ble ble ble ble (to be said with an echo)

O.K. the guy in the picture with moi is Tim Bluhm. He is in The Mother Hips and tours solo all over the place. I really enjoy his company and his song stylings. He is outdoor guy Joe. Even though his name is Tim. From July 26th to the 30th, 2006, you guys can go on a camping trip with 2 psychos. It is a SONGWRITING WORKSHOP with us as the camp counselors and other REAL certified hiking guides to lead us. The food is gourmet (I ain't kidding) gourmet. This is a professional company that puts on outdoor trips all over the place. The cost of thr trip is 1195.00 per person. It takes place in the High Sierra mountain range in Yosemite National Park. A mule will carry some of the stuff that you bring and we will sit around a campfire and eat beans like in Blazing Saddles and laugh and laugh and laugh. Sometimes when the mule is walking it will go poo. This will really make me laugh. We will discuss songwriting and socks. This trip will fill up fast so act quickly as they can only allow 11 of you guys. To find out about the itinerary and read more about the trip from a more professional website then go here: Click Here and Scroll Down

God Speed,
Steverino (outdoor guy joe even though my name is steverino) Poltz

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April 24, 2006

3 Way Danny


This is the tragic story of 3 Way Danny. A rags to riches classic of a man who became overwhelmed with a vision only to see his hopes and dreams fade like a an old postcard from a ticker tape parade. You see; Danny had a vision and this vision is what drove him to the brink of failure. He was a big picture kind of guy with a knack and a zeal for marketing. He had a swagger and crazy eyes and hardly slept at all. He thought his phones were being tapped by the FBI. It turns out he was just another man with a shattered dream and and a bag of meth. The last I heard he was out on parole and living in the middle of the California desert working on an underground resort for fugitives who still enjoy the finer points of spa treatments. Waxings, facials, pedicures and manicures.

Listen to the story of his early demise by clackety clicking here: clackety click!

Have a nice day.
Your friend,

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April 2, 2006

Buddy Blue 1957-2006


My friend Buddy Blue passed away this afternoon in his home in La Mesa. I was stunned when I heard the news. My heart goes out to his Mom and his wife Annie and daughter Lulu. I just recently had a nice lunch with Buddy and feel so lucky to have had him in my life. I'll never forget when he first came to a Rugburns show at The Blarney Stone Pub on 70th street. We were a duo and trying to make our mark. Buddy was a storied San Diego musician and also a writer for the then still functioning San Diego Tribune. He wrote a glowing piece on us and was instrumental in us getting our first record deal. He eventually ended up producing our first record "Morning Wood."

I freaked out when I first met him. I was a huge Beat Farmers fan and used to go see him play with them at numerous shows around San Diego. His voice could cut through the noise of dive bars and hit you right in your soul. When he left The Beat Farmers and started The Jacks I went out to Blue Meanie Records in El Cajon and bought his record on vinyl. I'll never forget walking in to his house for a rehearsal for the recording of Morning Wood. He broke out his slide guitar and played on the song Single Life. That's his slide playing that we ended up using for the recording.

I just recently got to sing harmony on a couple of tracks on the new Farmers cd. Buddy was his usual cantankerous self. He could be difficult at times and had legendary feuds with many a musical person over the years, but after the birth of his beautiful daughter Lulu he mellowed some. He turned to mush when he was around her and I saw a side of Buddy I had never seen before. He always was a sentimental lug who acted tougher than he was, but inside he was the sweetest guy with the biggest heart. He helped so many people in this musical community and I am just one. I will miss his weekly column in the Night and Day section of the San Diego Union. I used to always look forward to whatever he decided to rant about. I will miss his rosy cheeks and mischievous smile. He had such a wide range of musical knowledge and I used to love asking his opinion on different artists past and present. I especially loved to hear him talk politics. Talk about scathing humor! I know he is somewhere in musical heaven having a whiskey with Country Dick Montana and laughing hysterically over some foul joke about some sort of bodily function.

I love you Buddy. Rest in peace my friend.


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