May 2006

May 29, 2006

we saw the light

places everybody! showtime! The Rugburns Pre-show, Stinky, Steve, John, Doc

Thanks for the good times last weekend. I know everybody is now back home ready to go contribute to the gross national product, but it sure was fun playing some rock and rollio for the nostalgic Rugburned peeps. We had a fantatsic time poring over the hits and non-hits of our past, present and future. The 23 people who came to The Cheers of Ramona warm up show were splendid and the 723 people who came to The House of Blues extravaganza were marvelous. Together they were splendarvalous creatures cradling stuffed olives in their martini hands, while listening to songs that brought them back to the days of Kelly's Pub, The Blarney Stone Pub and even Smedley's Baseball Inn, back in the days before the gaslamp district became Disneyland.

The photograph above was taken about 23 minutes before we hit the stage with the reckless abandon of seniors limping off to a Sunday afternoon matinee.
We were helplessly surrendering to our lupine instincts while staring at a spaceship we thought was the Moon. After whetting our rapacious appetites with a nibble of a backstage deli tray, we were hungry for more action so we listened to some ABBA and danced with each other to the song Waterloo. I can still hear the lovely refrain in the back of my disco stained skull.
Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war
Waterloo - Promise to love you for ever more
Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to
Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you
Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo
woh woh woh woh Waterlooooooooo!
The Rugburns thank you and they extend their best Memorial Day wishes to you and yours.

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May 23, 2006

I think North Carolina should start a war with Italy

North Carolina's Chair (Yay!)
Italy's "chair" (makes me sick!)
Ya see-- North Carolina used to have the world's biggest chair. Remember back in 1908 or so? N.C. had a big ass chair that was over 13 feet. Everyone started ganging up on them and I think their feelings are still hurt. It was a beautiful wooden chair from Thomasville, North Carolina which prides itself on being part of the Furniture and Hosiery Capital of the World. Pennsylvania eventually held the title back in 1979 with a 25 foot tall chair. Leave it to those crazy Dutch ancestors to really kick it into gear. And yet, after only two years of accolades, it was chopped into kindling. Accusations that "young people were climbing up and doing unsafe things on it" forced the state of Pa to tear down the behemoth for good. Hmmm?

Then the Italians went and built a 60 foot chair. This chair is made of steel and metal and it makes me sick! And then they sent it to us. Why don't they stick with shoes or pasta? This is a direct slap in the face of North Carolinians everywhere. If you are from North Carolina then you should stop eating Italian food or build a bigger chair. Build it out of Cheerio cereal boxes and wood. Either that, or attack Italy. Withdraw any North Carolina soldiers that are in Iraq and send them to Europe until the new chair is built. Make it 100 feet tall and 60 feet wide. Do it for America dammit! Your tourism will skyrocket and you get a pro baseball team from MLB.

If you would like to listen to my chair song then click below. This is a rare recording done with some crazy L.A. musicians one afternoon including Doug Pettibone on a classical cat gut nylon string guitar. I always wondered why they call them cat gut. My fingers are always itchy after I play guitar with them unless I take my allergy meds. Do they really make them out of cat guts? Gag me with a spoon. Like, Oh my God!

Yours In War,

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May 17, 2006

a poem by my pa


Here is a poem by Joe Poltz that I put a little music to. You can hear him read it in his own great voice by clicking below. My Dad loves to watch westerns and it is really is fun to watch them with him. So I guess this poem is inspired from his watching all those old Gary Cooper films. My Mom will sit and do the crossword while my Pa watches the westerns. You can smell the food cooking in the kitchen and the sounds of the horses clopping along from the speakers of the TV set. Enjoy, laugh, read, eat and smile and watch old movies.

Click Here to listen to Joe Poltz Read!

A Hunted Man
by Joe Poltz

They came riding into town that day
The three of them together
The town folks said they were after me
For I had slain their brother
It happened in a saloon one night
A woman was to blame
We both were more than a little tight
It really was a shame
They called it a dirty drunken brawl
The folks all gathered Ďround
They hungered for the sight of blood
As we tumbled to the ground
He pulled his knife and cut me twice
But then I caught my breath
He lunged at me but didnít see
my knife that caused his death
they ruled it self defense that day
and said I should leave town
his brothers three would want revenge
they vowed to shoot me down
now I wander day and night
just a few steps from my grave
itís a fearful way to live you know
but itís the only life I have
so now it seems Iíve left the fire
and hit the frying pan
I guess itís just my destiny
To be a hunted man

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the new cd, baseball, life and cereal


Well I'll be a cereal eating fool. The new CD is in its final stages. It was a labor of love and now I am trying to decide on a release date and stupid business things that drive me batty. Should it be a double CD? Or, should I release it as a single Cd and then release more tracks later? In today's ADD age people don't seem to have the attention span of the old days of vinyl records and double LPs. Today the people just pick a couple songs and download them. I ask folks all the time if they buy the whole CD on iTunes or whatever music source they use. Most everyone I ask tells me they only buy a couple od songs unless they are totally devoted to an artist.

With me, if a Celine Dion CD is released I run to the mall and buy 8 copies. Just in case there is a nuclear war, I want to have extra copies of that French Canadian's warblings. I loves me some Celine. But that's not what I'm here to talk about, what I want to know is if you cats will still buy a whole Cd or is it better to drop 10 to 12 tracks at a time like bird poop? mmm bird poop. I'm getting hungry.

The Padres love me and I love them. Why can they beat the Cubs all the time and lose to the Diamondbacks all the time? This game frustrates me to no end. Why do I care? I don't think they care about me if I screw up a D minor diminished 7th chord. They wouldn't give a bird poop if I forgot the word to a song. But god forbird they forget how many outs there are in a game. I will scream at the TV until the neighbors complain and the cops arrive. The 2006 Padres are a pretty damn good team. I will go on the record with this. They play great defense and their pitching has been pretty damn good.

Life is sweet and crunchy in a bowl with milk. It is probably bad for me but I like it. Does anyone else out there eat it? Has anyone seen the movie The Devil and Daniel Johnston? I liked it so much that I am going to go see it again tonight. Thanks for the fun times last weekend in San Marcos Texas. The music festival was fun and I met some great humans.

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May 8, 2006

I've seen the future (and it ain't pretty)


What the hell do you people think I do all day? Just sit around in my apartment making crap up? I have seen the future. I REALLY AM a time traveler. I just fixed my flux capacitor Kilgorian Trout Mask Replica thingy to convert a file I brought back from the future. This is an ad from like um um I guess the year 2 thousand and 90. I almost got busted by the intergalactic media tent circus freaks at the hoolum trenchy barbacoa divide mummy tract. Michael the space dog bit a galaxy cop's arm and lost a blue tooth. We need a doggy dentist post haste.
If you want to hear the future then click below. But be forewarned. It ain't that pretty in the future folks. Oh yeah. You'll see. Just wait.
God Speed John Glennnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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