October 2006

October 26, 2006

you Can take it with you!


I was just leaving Milwaukee and I was informed that you CAN take it with you. If you like sleeping with money and guns then you will be happy to know that the people in charge said we are all able to bring 40% of our cash with us now when we pass through the pearly gates. We still aren't allowed to bring gels or lipstick but we can bring loads of cashish. That means you will be able to buy trinkets and whatnot at the Purgatorial country gift store while waiting to see if heaven has room for your sinful arse.

I just saw the movie The Little Children directed by Todd Field. Go see it soon. Kate Winslet is amazing and the story is unlike anything I have ever seen. I can't quit thinking about it. The only thing that stopped me was a state trooper in the middle of Wisconsin who cited me for going 83 mph on the interstate 35 north when the posted speed limit was 65. A 282 dollar speeding ticket. Yikes! I'm losing money touring so please buy my merch when you see me at the shows so I can take more money with me when I die or at least afford a good attorney.
The other night after the show when Billy Harvey and I came back to the hotel room, the front desk clerk informed us that the place was sold out except for one final room with only a king size bed. When we got in the room it was really uncomfortable like we were on a first date or something. I didn't know whether I should sit on the bed or not and I felt weird taking off my jeans. All I know is that when I woke up there was all this money on the bed strewn all over me so I guess I made some "extra cash." I feel sort of creepy today.
See ya In Ohio and Indy!
Steven Midnight Cowboy Poltz

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October 23, 2006

feeling midwesty

photo by frag
Hi Kittens and Doggens,
Today I am feeling midwesty and court jestery. The tour is proceeding along just as planned by the people in the sky who plan things. You know- the little guys and gals with wings that fly in the clouds and arrange dinner parties for unsuspecting broods of pilgrims. Angels or angles? It all depends on your math skills and suspension of disbelief in otherworldly deities. We are only here as the calendars flip pages and root out the old and bring in the new. Sheesh, in a hundred years none of us will be here anymore on this planet except as dust or coffins so we might as well go out there and smile a bit. I plan on living until the ripe old age of and even 100 but my body might have other plans. So suffice it to say that this is a love letter thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart. Remind me to remind you to remind myself to tell you that I love you. And, that I am grateful to be out here on the road traversing cones and leaping over tall buildings and running from stray rabid dogs and feeding pigeons and trying to avoid the bird flu and mad cow disease. All just for the sake of a show. A show? Yes a show of music and skits and stories and you get to see Billy Harvey and and his magic bag of tricks. So check the tour dates and meet us tomorrow in Minneapolis and then follow us to Miwaukee and Dayton and Indianapolis and Frankton. Heck, don't stop there- come to K.C. and OkCity and then breeze on down to Dallas, Austin , San Antonio and Houston. C'mon! Everyone's doing it.

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October 5, 2006

Rockin' the Suburbs


The other night I played a house concert and they had to move it outside because there 130 folks there rockin' the suburbs. The girl on my left opened the show and was fantastic. Her name is Rhiannon and she strummed a guitar and sang and people loved it. The mohawk and the Led Zepplin guy were in the audience pretending the chairs were a mosh pit. It was like Woodstock 8 or something. The Canyonfolk house concert throwers (Bill and Shirlee) were great hosts and sure know how to throw a party.

The Padres are in the playoffs against the dreaded Cardinals. I have developed a hatred toward any red birds I see anywhere at any time and shoot them at will with my rifle I bought at Wal Mart. I am going to the game today and the Pads are already down by 1 game. If they don't win today I am canceling all future shows. Why am I up at 4 in the morning typing this? I guess because I am nervous about maybe pitching in today's game. My fastball tops out at 40 mph and my change up is 39. I'm not fooling anybody up there at the plate but I'm all we've got. I have friends in Dtroit and Minneapolis that are rooting for the Twins and the Tigers and my Dad is rooting for the Dodgers and we are all losing our respective series. Oh well, it could be worse- Lou D in Philly doesn't have a team in the playoffs. I feel for him.
A Guy with a Gun

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