November 2006

November 22, 2006

Northampton, Mass

Well well well. Last night went just as excpected. I played my 30 minute set and it felt like it went by in 5 minutes. As you can tell by the picture above, the crowd seems kind of happy. I don't think anyone threw anything at me. Great theater there in ol' Mass. The owner of the joint is Eric and he also owns The Iron Horse where I usually play. He is a great guy and they served us some really good Mexican food considering we were on the east coast. I will be booking a return engagement to Northampton and The Iron Horse real soon. It has really been fun playing to larger crowds and taking their pictures from the stage. I know many of you have already seen the pot bust pictures below but I made a promise to a thousand people last night so here they are below. My friend Dana thinks i am losing my mind anyways because I re-posted some stuff already and the truth is, she's right. I can't remember things and I don't have a long attention span. Some would call ADD but I call it CRS disease. Can't remember shit disease.
What's His Name

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November 21, 2006

Red Bank, New Jersey

This is a view of the audience at last night's show in Red Bank, New Jersey. I took this picture from stage at the end of my set. See how happy they all are. One person is even waving their arms at me. Red Bank is a nice town with a good donut shop and a great comic book store. The police officers are friendly and the people at the Count Basie Theater are smooth like Yoo Hoo. The streets are paved of carmel and the drinking fountains serve 3 different kinds of water. Beer, Perrier and Powerade. Everyone gives you money if you ask them for it. Last night I sold a heap od CDs and a few t shirts. Plus I got fed backstage by The caterers and the food was excellent after a long drive. I won 20 bucks from my pal Lou for saying the words Cracker Barrel and gay from the stage in a sentence. My life is good and I don't really have any complaints. Thank God I don't have to have Thanksgiving dinner with Mel Gibson and Michael Richards. That would be a weird dinner. Kramer and Mad Max spewing convoluted theories about the news and religion and race History and stuff. No thanks guys. I'll just drive to the next gig.
Love to all,

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November 19, 2006

Breaking News!!!! New Year's gig added


I have just added a fun little New Year's Eve show at The Belly up Tavern in Solana Beach California. First I get to play a solo set of post-Rugburn material and then I get to come out and play a Rugburns show. This night will feature Gregory Page on bass. That's right, our original bass player pictured above will will be wearing plaid in all his glory. Stinky will be drumming and Doctor Robert Driscoll will be strumming and thrashing.
So come on down and escape the cold weather for the warm environs of San Diego, Kaleeforniyay. Ring in 2000 and 7. The beach will be sunny and the fish will be jumping and New Year's Eve will be hoot I tell you.

The video below was shot in New Zealand when I harassed a chef to accept The Rugburns award in absentia at the SDMA's. The reason it is so short is because the manager of the diner kicked us out for filming in his kitchen. Milan was working the camera. Bless his heart.
Later on dudes,

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November 17, 2006

This is a strange little thingy

Hi Critters,
I was in Austin, Texas a couple months ago and I did this little promo video for a music television show called Fox Rox. The program only airs in San Diego and features all different kinds of music. They emailed me some questions and I came up with some silly answers. The voice you hear off camera asking me the questions is Billy Harvey's. The video was shot and directed by esteemed Austin videographer Holly Bronko. The girls in the video were excellent and kicked arse at what they did. You'll see. Oh yes you will.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
here ya go:

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November 15, 2006

finally home!

Halleluiah! I have 3 days off. I saw Borat. Read the paper. Slept in and tomorrow going to eat some Mexican food. Thanks for coming out to all the fine shows from San Fran to San An. It was true pleasure traveling through the towns that were on this last leg of shows. Borat was funny. The paper was depressing and sleeping was my favorite thing of all.
My friend Tim Flannery is going to The Giants as their 3rd base coach ending 25 plus years with The Padres. We had fun on the road together and it was great hearing all the beisbol stories from him. I wish him and well must say it will be strange seeing him in a S.F. Giants uniform alongside Bruce Bochy. I don't know what I'll do when they play each other?.
I am heading to the east coast this weekend so come check out a show or 2.
Empty bottles on my shelf. I got no one to listen for.
and i'm at home all by myself
they say you left 2 days before
my arrival.............

Listen here

I love this weather.
peace out,

p.s. check this out:

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