February 2007

February 27, 2007

listen to a poem by joe poltz


Listen Here

A poem by my father

Young Men of War
by Joe Poltz

Young men of war
They fight and die
Yet donít know why
Their mind is all a mess
They maim and kill against their will
Their honor bond I guess
What drives these men against their foes?
What turns them into soldiers?
With each attack their terror grows
Yet outwardly look bolder
In time these men become machines
as they march into battle
Theyíve lost their sense of human beings
And stumble onward just like cattle
And yet the politicians wine and dine
as our young men die in far off lands
they tell us everything is fine
yet the blood is flowing in the foreign sands
we bring them home the dead and maimed
we honor them for the suffering they bore
all this bloodshed for some supposed political gain
all this sorrow over some stupid war

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why would ken follett steal my wallet?


Ken? why would you dare steal my wallet and then escape under the cover of darkness to Germany. You left me without a passport and no shoes. I walked over coals with Tony Robbins on an island with a bunch of business excecutives and you were there spying on me. There's a mole in The White House and my phones have been tapped like a keg of Coors.
I walked in thongs through the streets of Morocco and hid in the cabin of a ship used for smuggling human cargo across borders and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Coach Renfro commented on the wrestling blog entry below dated Feb 21st. I am so happy to see he's out there and well. You guys don't understand. He taught me the fireman's carry and I just used it the other day on a man in the airport who resembled Ken Follet.

Am I making sense here?
off to Bozeman,

sing along with steve

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February 26, 2007

Maury Show Part 2

This is where young Jack really deserves an Oscar for his performance as Amber and later on as Maury Povich.
Speaking of The Oscars, I wanted Letters From Iwo Jima to win best picture or Little Miss Sunshine. I thought that The Departed wasn't even worthy of being nominated. The ending was a joke with everyone being shot. I also thought Peter O'toole would win for best actor but I was happy to see Forest Whitaker win for The Last King of Scotland. Did you guys see Venus? It's quite good.
Ellen Degeneres was really funny as host last night. I love her sense of humor. She once hired The Rugburns to play at a party in her backyard years ago. She was very cool and paid us well and danced all night.

Meet me in Bozeman Montana this weekend. Please??? We can go skiing and the place I am playing at is way cool. I'll see you there.
cheers mates,

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February 23, 2007

it's the maury povich show!

I found the questions to an episode of the Maury Povich show on the streets of NYC one day. So I went back to my apartment and filmed it with the esteemed Jack Howells playing the part of Maury. We are going to win an academy award for this. You just wait and see. I will rule Hollywood with a wooden spoon.
Then I will share all my money with you creeps and we will save the planet from certain destruction by figuring out a way to convert urine into petrol. Then we'll just piss in our gas tanks and when we run low on fuel we'll just drink more ice tea and wait for our bladders to provide the go go juice. We'll all go to Heaven or at least Hellven.
Gotta Go,
Steve and jack

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February 21, 2007

98 pounder


So I guess I just had a birthday on the 19th of Feb and I am a wee bit older. I woke up at 5 in the morning with a cramp in my leg and I thought to myself, "is this what I have to look forward to? cramps in my legs? c'mon!"
Later that day I went to see Pan's Labyrinth and was blown away. What is up with The Spanish and their movies? Is it in the water? Has anybody out there seen it?

Anyways, I was thinking about my youth and I found this picture of me on the wrestling team back in high school at Palm Springs. We were the mighty Indians yes we were. The younger coach on the right is Coach Renfro who I mention in the song 98 pounder. The old timer on the left is Coach Wasson. I think he was from Oklahoma and know he had huge balls because they used to pop out of his wrestling singlet sometimes when he would show us poses and they would hang low and swing. He never knew it was happening (the poor guy was practically deaf from old age) and we would get the giggles as his balls swayed to-and-fro like a pendulum. Eventually Coach Renfo would threaten to end practice unless we quit giggling. Finally Coach Wasson would notice his old balls were hanging down and he would tuck them back in his uniform. I would have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Both of those coaches were great and I have wonderful memories. If Coach Renfro hadn't been there for me after I was cut from the basketball team it could have been a totally different life for me. I will never forget that moment. You know how in Back To The Future how when certain events didn't happen the city went to crap? That could have happened to me. I really mean that. I loved what Coach Renfro taught me. Thanks Coach! You are a great man and I will never forget you. Cheers to you! To see a bigger pop up of the team and see which one I am then click below. The white dots are at the top of my left should. I am next to Victor Mendoza, Freddy Hernandez and Orlando Buduan. Keith Sendejas is in fron of me. They were and still are my best friends. We lost weight together and rigged the scale when we were overweight and took ex lax and sat in saunas and generally made life hell for Coach Renfro.
click here to find me

I had initially intended to put the song 98 pounder on the original version of Chinese Vacation. That CD was produced by Steven Soles. He was the guy who produced One Left Shoe. Then I freaked out and scrapped the whole CD and re-recorded it in Austin. I found the version of 98 pounder this morning and here it is.
Listen Here
I hope you have a great day or week or whatever measure of time you wish to use.

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February 15, 2007

music and yoga? what?

OK, let's see here. I have been playing a few shows at Bend Yoga in Dallas, Texas lately. Ally owns the place and has decided to put on weekend reteats out in the country at the Double J Hacienda & Art Ranch in Mineral Wells, Texas.
I will be involved in the retreat on May 25-27. Memorial Day Weekend
This place is beautiful and the weekend will include:
* Evening musical gatherings, song-writing classes and yoga classes during the day
* All meals exquisitely catered by gourmet chefs
* Retreat center is within walking distance of the beautiful Brazos River
* Charming, comfortable guest rooms (with private baths) that sleep 2-3
(a few single occupancy rooms available for extra charge)
* A Live CD of the weekend's music
So if you feel like getting away for a different kind of Memorial Day weekend then this might be your cup of tea.
There are only 20 spots available on a first come first served basis.
Oh yeah, I teach the songwriting and play a couple shows and Ally teaches the yoga.
You don't have to even really play an instrument but if you do then bring a guitar. You don't have to be an expert at the yoga either as it is for all levels.
C'mon and join us. Everyone's doing it! Dallas is the nearest airport.
To reserve a spot go here
Hasta Luego
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

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February 13, 2007

H-V Day


I had a great time in Tucson. Herr Couch sure threw a great house concert for his gal Julia. I like playing house concerts or living room shows or whatever you want to call 'em. Tucson is a great place to hang around and loiter in. There were folks that drove out from San Diego. Brides and grooms. Dog and cats. Vegetarians and bacon wrapped hot dog eaters. Flowers grew through the cracks in sidewalks. Clouds were puffy white snow balls and the air was cool and sweet. Everything was perfect for once. Here is what it looked like from my view.

Listen Here

Take these hands that I give you
Theyíre shaky but still true
Filled with all the love I can hold
And this heart that I show you
I hope I can know you
Iím cautious but Iíll try to be bold
If this honest vow can somehow be heard
Then I love you and you have my word

These flowers that I show you
On the shelf here below you
Were grown in a garden of love
And your eyes that you show me
Say please get to know me
They fit me just like a glove
If this honest vow can somehow be heard
Then I love you and you have my word

I only wanted you to be with me
Iíve been slowly haunted
Only you can set me free

In this home that we share
Built here with care
I hope I can grow old with you
You can make me turn red
Spend the whole day in bed
I donít care if it's rainy or blue
If this honest vow can somehow be heard
Then I love you and you have my word

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February 10, 2007

have you seen?????


The following movies::::::::
1. Letters From Iwo Jima
I loved it. Some people I spoke with hated it. They don't know what they're talking about. Great music and amazing pace. Nice to see another side of a story. I love Clint Eastwood. Always have always will. Even the chimp movies he made.
2. Notes On A Scandal
Cate Blanchett is hotter than an earwig in the devil's eardrum. The story is good and Dame Dench is creepy creeperson and the creepettes. I love her too. I love everybody.
3. Children Of Men
My pick for movie of the year. Wow. Great cast and idea and direction. By the same guy that brought you Y Tu Mama Tambien. Go see it two times dammit.
4. Borat
The wrestling scene is my favorite part. And the national anthem being sung at the rodeo. I peed in my popcorn and still ate it. Yeah? I said I ate my pee. So what?
5.Stranger Than Fiction
Oh man! Emma Thompson is my hero. She steals the show. This film was so freaking sweet. The song that Will Ferrell sings in the movie is heartbreaking and beautiful. Oh and Maggie G? Va Va Va Voom!

five for five. 5-4-5 i was five for five in seeing films
6. Volver
I almost forgot. Pedro Almodovar is at the top of his game. I love stories about death.
six for six. 6-4-6 I liked 'em all. You'll like them too. if you don't then don't blame me. It's not my fault you took my advice. Try peeing on your popcorn while you're at it.

Don't listen to the song below either. I start off screwing around and end up being The President.

Don't Listen Here

What are you doing this weekend?
I'm going to the movies. Pan's Labyrinth and Venus. Then I am driving to Tucson.
See ya around,
Leonard Malted Milk

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February 7, 2007

where does this train go?


Listen Here

I wanna know
where does this train go?
Please donít waste my time
If you could let me know
Then I could go
Who's in charge here?
Cuz it seems like theyíre counting on fear
To keep us all in line
If this is the new frontier
I wonít adhere

The sky is opening up itís raining death
The pool is dirty you can bet
We march like dogs we are brainwashed pets
Weíre making weapons to keep us deeper in debt

I wanna know
Where did our hope go?
Have we thrown it all away?
To whom will we bestow
This poison snow?
When will we react
Between the lies and the fact?
Cuz I got nothing but love
And this is not an act
We need to make a pact

The sky is opening up itís raining death
The pool is dirty you can bet
We march like dogs we are brainwashed pets
Weíre making weapons to keep us deeper in debt

I wanna see
A leader who believes
In teaching about love
Not a pack of lying thieves
With somthing up their sleeves
I wanna know
where does this train go?
Please donít waste my time
If you could let me know
Then I could go

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February 5, 2007

falling so fast


View Bigger Image of Letter Here!

Listen to Song Here!

Just got home and I was tired
Now Iím worried and Iím wired
Got a note from the DMV
Telling me to watch my speed
If I canít drive then Iím smoked
When my license gets revoked
So much for playing my guitar
In cities that I reach by car
Iím falling so fast
Falling so fast
Where did I spend all of my cash
I deserve to get the lash for falling so fast
Falling so fast
The IRS is after me
I make one and they take three
The dentist wants me for a root canal
I rather hang out with my gal
My hip aches Iím getting old
The grim reaper says my time is sold
My head hurts my eyes need glasses
Young kids seem like a pack of asses
Iím falling so fast
Falling so fast
It seems like I m always last
I deserve to go first class but Iím falling so fast
Falling so fast
Maybe the birds of love will smile on me
And give me their word
Instead it seems Iím always wiping
Off a falling turd falling turd
Youth is wasted on the young
My song's over itís been sung
Life is just one big clichť
Take a look at Nick Lachey
If he canít make it no one can
Heís a big strong hulking man
His tan will slowly fade to wrinkles
Heíll get fat from eating pringles
We're falling so fast
Falling so fast
We deserve to spend our cash
We deserve to get the lash for falling so fast
Falling so fast
We're falling so fast
Falling so fast
Where did we spend all our cash
We deserve to get the lash for falling so fast
Falling so fast

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