August 2007

August 30, 2007

Me and The Padres got back together


Just like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. Or Angelina and Billy Bob. Me and The Padres are back together. Not that we ever broke up, but I was having a temper tantrum and wasn't talking to them for awhile. But I am now proud to say I have a bad case of baseball fever. See the statue above of Tony Gwynn? Well do ya punk? It's brand new at Petco Park and it's important to maike a pilgrimage for some good beisbol joo joo. The fact that I wasn't talking to them doesn't really make me a bad fan. I was still watching but I was complaining most of the time and grumbling like a seismic temblor. Does that mean I only like winners? How vacant of me. Not really- ya see, it just hurts me more than most people. I'm a sensitive artist wah wah wah.

Thanks for all the comments on the house concert thing below. (except for the one about patchouli on my balls). The gigs are pouring in with Lexington, Kentucky just booked for October 20th. I'm excited because there will be playoff baseball happening and a certain team that I won't mention for fear of jinxing them could be involved in this activity. You never really freaking know.
Sweet Jesus, you never really do now do you?

There are new episodes of The Hugh Thompson show up. In case you don't know about it click here Click on to the Hugh Thompson Show and peruse. There's a new episode up with Nanct Giles as the guest. She's amazing. I get make up a bunch of songs for the hi tech guests and generally have a good time.

That earthquake last night at 2:53 am scared the bejesus out of me and it was only a 3.5. My apartment was shaking and I thought it was going to be the big one. Heart beating fast, cat like reflexes, jumping up out of bed run outside only to fall back asleep and dream of welders on skyscrapers with flames leaping from gas tanks and scaffolds crashing down in dust clouds with nowhere to run.

Good Times,

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August 25, 2007

My Days As A Folksinger

k krainz photography

Hi There,
My name is Steve Poltz. I play and sing songs in your living room. That's what it's come down to. Your living room or laundry room. If you have cats or dogs then let me know so I can take a pill and save my wheezing weak lungs from further stress. Please submit your application below. I like chocolate cake and iced tea and cookies. Chocolate chip cookies with nuts in them. I used to play in big arenas and fly on jets. Now I sleep in a van and rent cars and eat at your house. When you go to work I try on your girly clothes and take photos of myself wearing them. The people seem to like this sort of activity.

When I was a child in Catholic school I stuttered and had excema and asthma. I don't know how to spell exzema so now I'll try it this way.

Oh Cripes! It's eczema. Dammit. I hate it when I screw things up. It makes me want to hit me in the face.

My favorite President of The USA was F.D.R.

I like sleeping and dreaming.


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August 23, 2007

Hi Llama riders!

poster by jimmy baldwin

Are the insides of your thighs chapped? Do your ankles ache? Do your shoes smell like llama poo? You very well could be suffering from llama boy/girl-itis.

It's good to be off the road. I went to the movies and saw Superbad. It was supergood and funny like knee slapping funny. Popcorn flew out of my nose mixed with diet pepsi.
Didn't Jimmy Baldwin nail it with this poster for my upcoming Dallas gigs? He came up with the Corona ad where the guy sitting on the beach throws his pager in the water. He's smart like Einstein. He's Gore Vidal smart. He bought a ranch in Texas and his wife teaches yoga.
My goodness, it's hot here today.
The dog days of summer.
Hotter than 2 bare feet walking on coals at a Tony Robbins seminar.
Hotter than a marathon runner's crotch.
Hot as a toaster oven glowing orange/red like Halloween lights.
Hotter than a mouthful of pure wasabi.
I'm talking hot as an exploding molotav cocktail.
I need a breeze.

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August 6, 2007

Dude! It's The Hugh Thompson Show! And violence among ants.


Hola Amigos,
I wanted to talk to you about violence among ants. This picture was taken on my camping trip when a fight broke out among two ants over a piece of turkey. This is an award winning shot which captures the hardships facing ants and the difficulties they face in ever reaching some sort of peace. Why can't they share? Are they a microcosm of what's happening in our world today? But then I remembered that-------------------
Today is the day of the debut of The Hugh Thompson Show! I've been in New York City quite a bit lately filming episodes of the show. It's a pretty neato talk show for geeks. Here's how they describe it:

The Hugh Thompson Show takes the concept of the late-night talk show to level geek, letting the luminaries of the tech world out from behind the keyboard, and into the studio. Taped live in front of a studio audience in New York City, and featuring the musical talents of Steve Poltz and the Apostles, the Hugh Thompson show features guests such as Bill Cheswick, HD Moore, Steve Bellovin, and many, many more.

I've had a blast being the band leader guy and Hugh is amazing. He's from The Bahamas and is the smartest, geekiest, coolest guy I've ever met. Every show I learn new things and so will you. You can watch it anytime. Just click here and go to The Hugh Thompson Show and watch any of the 5 episodes you feel like. There is even a scene selector so you can watch whatever part of the show you choose. Just click here:

They'll be putting up 2 new episodes each week.
See ya soon.
Peace to the ants,

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August 2, 2007



It's nice to be back. The camping was fabulous. I had a tan. Tan peeled. Swam everyday and encouraged people to write songs. There were some amazing people on the trip to Yosemite and we are already planning next year's event. It's getting so popular that we are going to do 2! One in Costa Rica and one in Yosemite.

My friend Eric Rudiak went on the trip for his second time and ended up encouraging me to write a song based on the point of view of the guy who gets shot in Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues song. You know- the song with the line: "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die." You might like to visit his website at

I am really looking forward to August 8th at The Belly Up Tavern here in Solana Beach Califoria. A couple of The Truckee Brothers are playing with me and Cindy Lee Berryhill is on the bill as well. Umm- she rocks.

Thanks for all the cool emails from people who tuned in to the XM Radio channel 50 The Loft session. I hope to see some of you on the road this next month.

The painting above was created by Grady Roper. He's one of my favorite artists and resides in San Marcos texas. I heart him dearly and he's a wonderful addition to the planet.

Here is my song. Click where it says listen here to check it oot eh?

Listen Here!!

*************** TRASH***************
It was an evening in Reno like any other
I was putting on my makeup
and talking on the phone to my mother
saying I was going off to work
Feeling like a liar and a jerk
I hung up that phone
With a heart like a stone
Oh the secrets we donít tell
Put us in a hell
I was cooking up some eggs
And tucking my thing between my legs
Feeling like a big con
While I was pulling up my nylons
I stood in the mirror
And practiced my walk
I turned the radio on
And talked my talk
But little did I know
Tonight I would die
It takes a little bit oí grease
To make me look pretty
And if I practice a bit
I sound sweet and witty
in my dress and my high heels
I Grabbed my purse shut the door
I might be for sale but I ainít no whore
And tonight like a cartoon
Iím off to the bar

He was standiní in the corner
All dressed in black
And when he stared in my eyes
My heart went slack
And he looked into me
he could read my soul
And he took me outside
for a moonlight stroll
Oh the things we do
Looking for love
well he said he was a singer
from Nashville town
and his voice was rich and deep and brown
when he pressed against me
he felt so strong
but his kiss was soft
as a country song
and we made love in the dark
in the back of the park
when he finished his business
he zipped his pants
and then he started to scream
and yell and rant
he said I was a freak
and it was wrong
and that he was gonna kill me
and put me in a song
he said if people ask Iíll say
I shot a man just to watch him die
He said my name is Johnny
Johnny cash
And Iím drawn to the devil
And a magnet for trash
Iím gonna shoot you
To protect my lie
And as he pulled that trigger
I started to cry
And I fell in his arms
Just like trash
When the ambulance came
He was gone like lightning
I was trembling in the back
It was so damn frightening
I couldnít gather my breath
And It started to rain
But you canít stop death
When it pulls like a train
And I was out
Like a light
Or a song

My mother held a funeral
And no one came
I donít hold any anger
Or any blame
I know that I ainít trash
Iím a beautiful soul
And Jesus still loves me
With a heart of gold
Yeah my
Jesus says I got
A heart of gold
It was an evening in Reno
Like any other
I was putting on my makeup
And talking on the phone to
My mother

see ya soon,

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