December 2007

December 28, 2007

These Australians are nutty


Where do I begin?
The beginning I guess.
I flew from L.A. to Sydney. The plane stopped in Tahiti for all of 1 hour. I had been in the air for 9 hours and was feeling kind of kooky. It was 2 a.m. in Papeete and there were 4 huge Tahitians playing ukuleles and singing beautiful songs. Then a gorgeous local Tahitian girl handed me a flower and told me to wait with the other passengers who were transferring to another plane headed for Sydney. I boarded that new cleaner plane and tried to sleep and sit sleep for another 9 hours or so and woke up in New South Wales and Milan met me in a rental car and we drove into Sydney for some tea. He dropped me off at a Bikram Yoga class and I stretched and showered and then we drove 3 hours to Newcastle for a living room show. They call them lounge room shows over here. When we arrived the house was full and there signs like the one I'm holding pictured above, stuck in the lawn like a realtor. They looked kind of like click here to see
now click here!

See what I mean? Next thing I know, the host Sara plays a tape like everyone's on an airplane or something. She acts out the parts to the tape like a flight attendant and everyone was cracking up and I thought I was still on the plane. I have a recording of the tape she played but I can't get it to upload to this here website for some unknown reason.. Just let me say that it involved helium balloons and exit sign warnings etc... Everyone got a safety card click for safety card!
I played for a couple of hours and everyone had a smashing time. Here is a pic of the group View pic of group!

So I hope the rest of trip goes this great. See ya soon somewhere.

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December 20, 2007

Some Aussie Press in Newcastle


Hi Freaks,
I wanted to show you an article from a newspaper in Newcastle. So I drew up this map of Australia this morning with some india ink pens. I did it by memory so I hope it's right. See where Newcastle is? Good! Now read this article that should pop up.

View image

Cool beans. Have a nice day and don't cut anyone off on the way to buy me presents. I really don't need anything. OK, maybe some chocolate chip cookies with nuts. Oh yeah, if you're still reading this then stop by Lestat's at 10:30 pm tonight. I am going to be practicing with my band The Cynics. It will go until midnight. Free. Nada. Zip. No duckets out of yer pockets.
2 kool 2 b 4 gotten,

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December 18, 2007

A ditty about dreaming

A gal named Carli who comes to Lou and Rain's house concerts sent me this photo. She put the words to my song "License Plate Eyes" behind me. I liked it so much that I made up another song about dreaming.

Listen Here you beautiful Dreamers!

Maybe I'm not really awake right now and this is a dream. Perhaps I am really an airplane pilot lost in Bermuda in some triangle. When I get back home I am going to open my eyes and I'll be a playing a trumpet in a disco band in the late '70's and the internet doesn't even exist. I may have invented it and no one will believe me. I will climb a tree and shout inane comments to passersby about how I have seen the future and it's really pretty full of blogs and videos and pictures and dating services. People never have to leave their homes or have human interaction. Maybe I am living 5 lives simultaneously like a juggler on a sidewalk.

I am a soccer referee in Bolivia. People are shouting at me from the stands above as I wave a red card in some sweaty player's direction and the crowd erupts in fury. Death threats start arriving at my home and I have to move my family far away like some secret witness protection program member. I relocate to San Diego and start playing the guitar at night and al of a sudden here I am. I am no longer Alfonso Quispe the hated soccer referee. My name is now Steve Poltz and I am about to leave on a long flight on Christmas day to a land down under. My hand are playing these chords and I don't know how it's happening. I am singing words I never wrote. I am Alfonso for Pete's sake! I am not Steven JJ Poltz the singer guy. He is a figment of someone else's imagination and I am not sure where he came from. I just want to referee soccer games in a world of peace and tranquility and now I am singing songs about Johnny Cash and skylines in Toronto and love and silver linings. I didn't sign up for this you guys! This is all a dream and you need to wake up and smell the cat food in your bank accounts. This isn't some trailer park field trip to a bowling alley in Wyoming to hear Dick Cheney speak about patriotism. This is a beautiful field of freshly cut green grass with cleats pounding across and checkered soccer balls bouncing like a New Jersey lottery drawing before American Idol after the evening news.
This is a soccer game to end all soccer games.

Until then I remain,
your friend
Alfonso Quispe

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December 13, 2007

My New Audience and some Australian press


I got to rock out a couple of days ago for a bunch of kindergarteners. It was awesome to the nth degree. Except for the fact that they all look like little germ carriers when all bunched together and I almost had a Howard Hughes germ phobia moment but I rallied. My friend Mike O'brien who helped put out TheBarn cd showed up and we gave all the kids Barn cds for Christmas. Now I can rest assured that when I'm 60 ish I'll have future fans who will remember this day and show up to my gigs when I'm on a walker and shout in my ear so I can hear them. They kept wanting to hear The Spider and The Bumblebee over and over and over. They love Joe Poltz's words! No matter what I played after that song they just said, "play the spider and the bumblebee Mr. Stevey!" It was a very fun little event. I can't wait to do more.

I made the cover of "Rip It Up" a weekly newspaper in Adelaide. They asked me some questions and I gave them some answers and stuff. Click Here to read
I wish I could bring all of the Aussies and Canadiens and USA folks together for a camping party music festival. We just need to figure out a cool place where we can all meet up. Tahiti? Bali? Pragua a ware a delphia? Sandy Eggo? I need to get thinking.

Onward and Upward,

P.S. the only part of the interview they got wrong was the part about life being "nasty brutish and short." I was quoting Hobbes but there computers made it say hobos. Hobos lives would lazy, sweet and full of train rides.

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December 12, 2007

Professor Poltz


The other day I spoke at a high school in Encinitas California. It was an economics class of all things. This was at San Dieguito Academy. The same school that Eddie Vedder went to. The same school that Tim Flannery's kids all went to. Why the hell would they ask me to talk to an economics class? I don't even balance my checkbook. I guess it's because I am the C.E.O. of 98 Pounder Records. I have even more respect for teachers than I already had. The class was from !:40 to 3:10. That's a lot of material baby. So I did what I know best which was play my guitar. It was a great freaking day and I can't wait to do it again. I tried to inspire the kids (I said kids) to follow their hearts and not chase the buck just to chase the buck. I hope they become beautiful artists and musicians and stuff like that.

I was on KPBS radio a couple of days ago discussing music in advertising and selling out. It was an interesting segment called Selling Out: Industry Success or Compromising Artistic Integrity. To hear the segment in its entirety go to the website and click where it says to listen and you'll hear me on the panel. Click Here to listen

Rehearsals for the upcoming tour are going really well. I leave for Australia on Christmas day and I am really excited to go back down under to Oz.
After I get back from Australia I'll be hitting the road non stop with a band rocking your city or living room.

I hope you're well and enjoying the hectic season that is upon us.


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