January 2008

January 21, 2008

traveling out today

photo by Frank Drennen poster by Patrick Dennis

Hi Friends,
My new CD "Traveling" is out today! I kick off the U.S. tour here in New York City tonight at Joe's Pub. Tell your favorite record store to order it or order it here at this website. I also have a companion CD "Unraveling" available at my live shows only. It fits neatly into the other CD like a beautiful cuddly couple. I just wanted to try to get people to come out the many live shows that will be happening across this here country for the next couple of months. I hope to see you out at the places I'll be playing. I'm bring out a band. We're a trio and it's been so much fun to have them around to play music with and to keep me company.

Here's an early review of the new CD.
Frank Goodman from writes: Click Here to read

He got the beer drinking thing wrong. But that's ok.

Click Here to read another one

See ya soon,

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January 8, 2008

Off to Radelaide

artwork by picasso polio

Oops I mean Adelaide. Last night was fun, fun, fun, in Brisbane. We broke the Brisbane jinx. Great turnout and what a crowd! I proved Milan wrong and now we get to always go back. He was thinking he couldn't afford Brizzy but we proved that
we need that little tropical town.

So Adelaide tonight. Here we gooooooo.
Then Sydney tomorrow at The Basement for the finale of the Aussie Traveling Tour. I want to thank everyone in advance for all the hospitality. We may be back in October for more fun and games. I'll cross my fingers.

Peace in 2008

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January 6, 2008

It's Crackmas!

pic taken covertly by me at an airport in Melbourne

Anyone call for a plumber?
It's not Christmas it's Crackmas.
Anyone else have a caption????
Sometimes I just love traveling.

speaking of Traveling check this out:::::::: Click Here to read

See you in Brisbane. It's worth the drive even if you have a boat to ferry your car across the ocean. I said "ferry!"

Happy Crackmas!

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January 5, 2008

steve hearts milan

milan and steve in mid laugh about something really immature

Arrived on dec 27th- played a show in Newcastle
dec 28---------------- played a show in Cronulla
december 29th------ played another show in Cronulla at The Brass Monkey
deciembre 30th------ played a show in Newtown at The Vanguard near Sydney
new years eve------- played 1st show in cronulla at 9:30 pm
new years eve------- played 2nd show at private party at Yutunga rd 10:45 pm
new years day!------ played a show in Daylesford after flying into Melbourne
jan 2nd--------------- played a house concert at Deanos! great backyard stage
jan jan 3rd------------played 1st show at pure pop records (son of bon scott!!!)
january 3rd---------- played 2nd show in Melbourne @ Northcote Social Club
enero 4th-------------played a house concert in Melbourne
jan fifth---------------flew to perth and played at fly by night in freemantle!
today is Sunday 6th of january and i am off to play a house concert in Perth

so that means in 11 days of being here I have played 13 shows.
Milan is the man. He is the Milan. He is like Ghandi only he is Milandhi.
I don't want a sandwich. I want a milanwich.

I take the red eye to Brisbane Tomorrow. Milan didn't want me to play Brisbane but I demanded we play there. Hopefully it pays off. All of the shows so far have had great attendance so tell all the Brizzy folks to come out on a Tuesday.

Big thanks to Milan for being a great friend and tour organizer promoter man of the year. Milan of the year.


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January 3, 2008

Pure Pop Records

photo by Milan and his Iphone

Here I am with Dave the owner of Pure Pop Records in Melbourne. I played an in-store yesterday at his fine shop and and when I walked in the first thing I asked him was if he had any Bon Scott memorabilia. He replied, "how about me? I am his son." I know I don't have to tell you this but Bon Scott was the original singer for AC/DC until his death on February 19, 1980. Before I left to come on tour my pal Westy asked me to bring him anything I could find on Bon Scott. So here ya go Westy, I tracked down his son for you and he said to give you a big "hello." How weird is that? The world gets smaller and smaller.

This has been the best trip yet. A shout out to Deano and his family for hosting a show at their home in their lovely backyard. They even had their Grandma at the show and I made up a special song for her. A really creepy "special" song. One day when I get the courage I'll put it up here for you to hear. I'm just glad they have such a great sense of humor down here.

Last night's show at The Northcote Social Club was packed and by far the best Melbourne tour stop yet. We leave for Perth early in the morning.
Peace in 2008,

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