March 2008

March 25, 2008

Tonight Homecoming Show at The Casbah!


We are battered bruised, and tired but tonight we play The Casbah. We are home to San Diego for a very special Tuesday night show. It's been a blur through New Mexico and Arizona and I will write about that tomorrow. Today we are like stable ponies sprinting back to the barn to be fed. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. We shall sprint across I-10 as fast as our dusty white van will go and pull up to 94/9 for a 5 o'clock radio interview with Mike Halloran. Then rush to The Casbah for quick sound check and dinner and then we get to rock. I hope to see you there.

Thanks for coming out to all the shows Los Angeles tomorrow night .

Must pack my clothes and get in the van.

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March 17, 2008



This year's SXSW music festival was my favorite. Probably because I had no free time. The whole thing went by in the wink of an eye and now I am a spent piece of used nuclear recycled rocket waste. I'm sitting in a hotel room somewhere in the middle of Colorado trying to make sense of it all. Some folks hate this festival but I still like it a whole lot. In the picture above, I am grinning because I just finished a show for KGSR in the lobby of The Four Seasons. Lyle Lovett was the radio guest host and asked for a copy of the new cds. Pretty freaking cool that he asked me to sign it to him. I wonder if he knows how much I love him. I tried to act calm and collected but my right eye was twitching. Our show that morning had a ton of energy.


This pic is after my show at Mother Egan's and I'm standing with the great James Mcmurtry. When he speaks he grits his teeth and he rarely smiles so this an award winning shot taken by my radio promo queen Jenni Finlay after our show together that Cary Baker threw. Thanks to Cary for inviting me to play. I love James' writing and his new cd is aces. I think it is due out in on April 15th and it's called Just Us Kids. I listened to it all day yesterday on the drive from Dallas to Colorado. Buy 10 copies for all your friends.


Here's Mojo Nixon. He's insane and he is saving the world. Listen to his show on Sirius Radio. The Loon in the Afternoon on Outlaw Country (channel 63). I've known him for years and he never ceases to leave my eyes wide open like saucers for the shit he says. I played his Jalapeno Pancake Party at The Continental Club and that show rocked to the nines. I crowd surfed and almost got my head taken off by a ceiling fan.


Here's Jon Dee Graham in a post show glow. He played the most amazing set and had the audience singing along and gave me goose bumps. He handed a box of cds out to the crowd and told them to put in money if they took one out. The box came back empty of cds and full of cash. It was awesome to see. People say music is dead but I say it ain't.

My favorite gig was at a gay bar called The Cock Pit. I can't make this stuff up! We rocked like there was no tomorrow and we met a very cool band from Sweden named Kristoffer Ragnstam. This guy is so fun to watch on stage and his band mates were stellar. I saw them play the next night somewhere else and they rocked again. I like Swedish rock stars. They seem so awkward and geeky. It makes for a great show full of attitude and energy.
I also got to hang out and eat BBQ with the XYZ Affair. We played a show with these guys in Minneapolis and they are my new favorite band. They got up on stage with us at my showcase at the Hilton garden Inn 18th floor and they sand in beautiful falsettos on License Plate Eyes.

More later-- we have to drive to Aspen for a show tomorrow night.

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March 11, 2008

Where are we? Alabama?


Click Here to see Q and A I did with a guy who axed me sum questions the other day

We just poured out of the van like root beer at 3 am ish after playing a show in Atlanta. We shared the bill with Michelle Malone. She's way cool and it was great meeting her band as well. We shared drums and bass amps which helped the load in that is up a couple flights of stairs outside the club in the back. The sound at Smiths Olde Bar was crazy good last night. I haven't played there in years so it was nice reconnect with the Atlanta peeps.

The letter in the picture above is one I wrote to Lou and Rain the other morning before we left their fine house. I guess it is a thank you letter of sorts. I forgot that Chris Modl took a picture of it and I thought you might like to see it. See what a good speller I am? Catholic school paid off. Thanks Ma n Pa.

I think we're in the middle of Alabama headed for Austin Texas and SXSW. We all just peed outside the van before we checked into the room and did our best to get arrested by Alabama's finest. Didn't The Stones get busted for that years ago? Patrick tells me they did but he ain't sure either. He now tells me it was East London where it happened. I once got a speeding ticket in Tuscaloosa but that's another story.

Come to one of my many shows in Austin this week. The madness all starts on Wednesday. Check my tour dates for the full scoop. I will be scuttling with my fine band of Cynics back and forth on go karts for the whole festival. We'll be handing out bottles of root beer and free money to anyone who wants it. We're also giving away shoes to everyone. Really expensive Italian shoes and bars of gold. And dentures. And lemonade flavored car fresheners. Plus The Green Bay Packers are going to be doing a dance routine at most of our performances so we got that going for us. You probably shouldn't even bother seeing any of the other "acts."

Yours in lice,
Steev Plotz

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March 10, 2008

Holy Smokes (these living room shows are fun)


I don't even know where the last few days went. I know I was in Virginia at Bill and Dana's 7th annual living room show. Bill got a new hip and this was a party in honor of his new hip. He was so spry that it made me want to get a new hip and i don't even need one. He did a gymnastics routine that brought the house down. A floor show and a horse show and a donkey show. He was amazing I tell you. AMAZING. Dana , his lovely wife and cohort was a gracious hostess and made homemade donuts with her new donut making machine. This thing is crazy and it takes up half of the kitchen. But I'll be damned if these weren't the best tasting donuts I've ever had. It got kind of crazy when one of the donkeys tipped over the burning hot oil on Bill's new hip. He couldn't feel a thing because the hip is titanium so he was just in the middle of his horse routine literally on fire. I know there are going to be lawsuits but it was all worth it.

We played a full rock show in their living room and the fact that the cops never came makes me wonder if there is any authority at all in the city of Suffolk. I think it is a lawless village where anything goes. We played one of the weirdest songs I've ever made up on stage. Christopher Hoffee kept on playing classic rock riffs from hugely popular songs and then combined that with intermittent reggae strums. Patrick followed suit on the drums while I sang every lyric to Police songs and Billy Joel songs and Foreigner songs I've ever known. This went on for a good 25 minutes. I surprised someone didn't throw a beer bottle at my head.

We didn't go to sleep until 4 in the morning and had to be up and moving at 6 am. How come whenever we have a nice hotel like we did at The Hilton in Suffolk, we always have to leave at a Godless hour?

We drove 11 hours to Chattanooga for another living room show at Kim's house for her birthday. Another great hostess and this time we had belly dancers open up for us. I can safely say I've never had belly dancers open up for any of my shows. It was simply amazing to watch these dancers and we even had one of them come up and dance on "Rains." Their percussionist also joined us and it was one of the longest craziest versions yet. I hope someone filmed it. There were heaps of little kids in the audience for the early set so we did a bunch of stuff off of The Barn cd.

Everyone sang happy birthday to the birthday folks. Ryan, Kim and Darryl. Then someone blew up their car out in front of the house. Blew it to smithereens and I put out the fire and saved everyone. All of my other band members were scared except for me. I am a hero and I even climbed a tree and rescued a cat. I am so awesome. Then I found a cure for measles and small pox. I think the Mayor of Chattanooga is going to step down and let me run the place. I am going to impose a curfew and force people to listen to my cds only. When I walk down the streets of Chattanooga people will have to bow or they'll be whipped 150 times in public. I can't wait to straighten things out around here.

Tonight however, I must go to Atlanta. Smiths Olde Bar awaits. Buy your tickets now. This is an order. Go do it!

Keeping America safe,
Steven JJ Poltz

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March 8, 2008

Notes from an Econolodge somewhere in Virginia

Ted Berberian fotog acion grande

I think we last left off at World Cafť Live In Philadelphia. It was the first time I played that venue and it was cool to reconnect with the soundman Turk. He used to tour and do sound for Rusted Root when I was on tour with those guys a few years back. A lot of years back I guess. Anyways, Turk is now living the stationary life and staying off the road. He seemed content and serene and restless all at the same time. Kind of like me I guess except I am more restless to the nth degree.

Rain and Lou housed us and fed us like we were royalty. It was so nice to be able to get water for our horses and much needed sleep.. It was like going to the hospital for one great night except there werenít any needles or catheters. Patrick and Christopher and myself all went to see There Will Be Blood at a theater around the corner from Rain and Louís house. I canít quit thinking of that movie and it has haunted me for the last couple of days. I love it when films make you think about them for hours after they've ended, and I still havenít quite made sense of the whole thing. Itís sort of a Biblical battle of epic proportion. It could almost be seen as a the story of our country and the greed and lust for oil under the guise of family values.. Religion and business intertwining for as long as it is profitable and also convenient for both. But when egos and greed take precedence over all, it becomes clear that there isnít room for both to coexist. Daniel Day Lewis is extraordinary and riveting in his drive for power at all costs. His bitter hatred of the human race and lack of trust for anyone is a study in greed and power that Iíll never forget. I need to go see this movie again next time I get a chance. I really think it is a parable of our world today and there are lessons to be learned. But what the hell do I know?

Last night we played at Ashland Coffee and tea in Ashland, Virginia. Pretty good turnout considering Iíve never played that venue before. We got play for a long time and there were Germans in the audience. Real live Germans visiting this here country. I even had one of them get up on stage and translate a song I made up about me taking over the city of Ashland and it sounded way cooler in German than in English. The staff a this joint is stellar and so was the food. There is a train that cruises right by the stage and whistles away which makes it even cooler. Itís neat to look outside and see a big steaming train with passengers looking in and me looking out for that beautiful moment caught in time for a brief second or two.

Today we are off to Suffolk, Virginia and Bill and Danaís house concert series. I have done this concert series many times before. I think this is the 100th time I will have played their house. Maybe just the 6th. Bill even has a new hip this time so it will be fun to kick him in the side really hard just as I would a new tire on a car. Heís going to love it!

Tomorrow Cahttanooga, Tennessee!
Onward and upward,

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March 4, 2008

Philadelphia Tonight


Thanks to al the Brooklyn folks that came out to the show last night. I had a crazy spark of energy that couldn't be contained. The Truckees rocked both sets like champs. If you ever get a chance to make it out to Union Hall, it's worth the trip. Great room and fine people and really good sound.

I am looking forward to Philly tonight at The World Cafe Live. Tell all your Philly area friends to make the trip over yonder. I like wandering down south street and going to Jim's Steaks to watch the cooks sweating over the grill and yelling orders to each other like some freaky Saturday Night Live skit. I think we go on around 9 ish. There's a Barack Obama rally down below before we play and then we get to rock for a spell.

Last night after the show we stayed at Lou and Rain's palace and Rain had food waiting for us in the kitchen when we arrived at 3:30 in the morning. Homeadey cookies and meatball sandwiches and lots of water. We were starved and it was so good to be in a house. With a piano and a mandolin and tons of music mags.

The video shoot went well and we'll see how it all turns out. We shot in front of a green screen all day in Manhattan. I can't wait to see the final result.

Thanks to David and Suzanne for letting us crash with them and feeding us English breakfast.

See ya tonight

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March 2, 2008

Boston you say?

Chris Modl fotog

My feet are cold in the van. I no longer have a tan. Of Randy Newman I am a fan. I eat soup out of a can. Mr. Musial's first name is Stan. Out of the Brady Bunch I loved Jan. The guy who gets shot in my Johnny Cash song is a tran.

Some of you have emailed some great video ideas. We are shooting on Monday morning. The song is 'Rains" and it will involve hamsters.

Last night The Living Room in NYC was packed to the rafters with a great audience of old and new friends. Thanks for showing up and singing in your beautiful falsettos.

Tonight we hit Boston like a wild gang of feral cats. We are hungry and in need of baths. But don't let that deter you from coming out to The Paradise lounge. I have a new found energy that I located under a discarded sofa on the sidewalk in the lower east side. My eyes are all aglow with crazy enlarged pupils like a speed addled trucker on a mission to deliver frozen bacon to all the Bob Evans restaurants across the US of A. Hopefully the state troopers are busy today at the apartments of their paramours. Sorting out laundered drug money from illegal informants that none of their superiors know about. While we skulk in the darkness to another sound check and sing into dirty microphones that smell like stale beer. Yes, that is my job and I am up for the many challenges and rewards that go hand in hand with the vows I've taken.

I like Boston and perhaps while I'm there I'll run into those guys from Goodwill Hunting in a late night diner. They can help me with my math homework. How do you like them apples?

Keep the video concepts coming.

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March 1, 2008

New York City Tonight

frag foto op inc.

We go on at 11 pm sharp. Hope to see you at The Living Room in NYC.
We played in Piermont last night for over 2 and a half hours at The Turning Point. John (the owner) recorded the show. We think he's the cat's pajamas. He fed us and did our sound and let us play for hours.

We play Boston tomorrow night (Sunday) at The Paradise Lounge. Then we shoot back to NYC early the next day to make a video for the song "Rains." We want it to involve hamsters. Do you have any ideas? I think we want the hamster to eat me up and poo me out while the whole time I am singing the song. I also want it to be raining hamsters. Kind of like in the movie Magnolia. Except in that instance it was frogs raining.

We want the hamsters to be in love though and trying to ind each other. Listen to the song "Rains" and give me some of your strangest ideas. But you must act now as we shoot on Monday. We will have full access to green screen and a cool editor and full crew. Then we are off to play a show in Brooklyn that night at Union Hall.

Help us quick, Help us to help you. Let's help each other and fix stuff so it works.
See you tonight at The Living Room at 11pm.
Stevey Jo

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