May 2008

May 31, 2008

Breaking News! The Sausage Race Video Is Here! Dang it all!

Here is the video of my debut in the sausage races in Milwaukee. Chris Modl edited this beautifully. I am ashamed of my performance and promise to do better in the future. There are reasons for my poor showing and I'll think of them soon.

Top 10 Excuses for losing the sausage race
  1. I was drugged before the race by the mob who had money on a different sausage.
  2. I was wearing tight jeans.
  3. I ate too much kettle corn before the race.
  4. The Polish sausage costume was loaded with weights,
  5. Those other guys were younger and run the race all the time.
  6. I wanted to lose.
  7. My right leg is actually broken and my toes don't bend anymore.
  8. I was scared that one of the players on The Braves was going to hit me with a bat.
  9. I bet on myself to lose and won big amounts off of the mob.
  10. I've been cloned and I'm actually living in Tahiti.
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May 30, 2008

My Day As A Sausage


There were 5 sausages. I was the one in stripes. Polish sausage! It was one of the greatest days of my life. Unfortunately I lost at the races. I can't make any excuses so I'm just going to lie and say I won. Yeah, that's the ticket, I won.

One of the coolest things was running by in last place and hearing some drunken fan yell,"Hey Polish Sausage! You suck!" I was laughing so hard I thought i was going to pee in my suit. Check out my running form!

My close up..

Post-show bliss

I would like to thank Sue Schrader for hooking this up. She made it all happen. I would also like to thank my personal trainer. I am off to Michigan to play in a barn.

I have a video of the race I will post later. We have a 7 hour drive.
Stevey Joe

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May 28, 2008

Only 2 spots left!


Only 2 spots remaining for the 3rd annual High Sierra Singer-Songwriters’ Workshop this year in Yosemite's backcountry. Sign up today for this unique, sure to be sold out event!
ABOUT THE TRIP: This unique trip combines the breathtaking beauty of California’s Ansel Adams Wilderness with the opportunity to learn from and play music with some amazing singer-songwriters. Our summer 2008 workshop will feature Tim Bluhm and Steve Poltz. Tim and Steve will play their songs, your songs, and talk about songwriting, the industry, and their journey’s through both. The main idea behind the trips is to set up a fabulous backdrop to listen, discuss and learn about music. Everyone is encouraged to join in and play a few songs. The Ansel Adam’s Wilderness may be one of the best kept secrets of the High Sierra. Located on the southern border of Yosemite National Park, the Ansel Adams Wilderness has mile upon mile of sweeping granite ridges, spectacular vistas, and a lifetime of fishing possibilities in hundreds of sparkling high mountain lakes. Meadows are blanketed in sub-alpine flora such as aster, cow parsnip, lupine, columbine, shooting stars, and mule ears.

Here is some info

Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides' High Sierra Singer-Songwriters’ Workshop SINGING, STRUMMING and Hiking in the Ansel Adams Wilderness

It's really beautiful!

Great area for making up songs!

I was just informed that theses 2 spots opened up so i wanted to let you know.
July 23-27 2008.

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It was cold at the Cubs game


I think it was 40 degrees last night at the game. I was freezing my arse off but what a time.
Wrigley Field is now officially my favorite place to see a game. There was a dixieland type band there and they played Walking In A Winter Wonderland. That's how cold it was. The band had a banjo and trombone, tuba, clarinet, trumpet etc... The fans were on their feet from the 6th inning on. The Cubbies beat The dodgers much to the dismay of my Dad. My friend Gary Hughes left me the greatest seats. Muchas gracias Senor Gary. Tonight I play in Evanston Illinois at The Brothers K Coffeehous.

Tomorrow I am up early to head to Milwaukee to see the Brewers game. I will be one of the sausages in the sausage races! A bit about the Sausage Race: Sausage Races are held at every home game of the Milwaukee Brewers - it's a promotion for the Klement's Sausage Company, which is located in Milwaukee. There are five racing sausages. Their official names are given by the race's sponsor:

#1 Bratt Wurst - a bratwurst and wears green Austro-Bavarian lederhosen
#2 Stosh - a Polish sausage and wears dark sunglasses and a blue and red rugby shirt
#4 Guido - an Italian sausage and wears a chef's outfit
#5 Cinco - a chorizo and wears a sombrero

The foam costumes are seven feet, three inches from the top of the head to the knees. The races begin between the dugout and the baseline around third base. They sprint down the warning track, around home plate and continue toward first base. Probably too much information but wanted you to be informed.
I hope I am the chorizo since I live on the border of Mexico. I get to dress up as a sausage! Then later that night I play a house concert at Wino Krainz house.
Yours in sausage casing,

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Fearless Radio

Hey there kidds,
Today in a couple hours I will be on Fearless Radio
Wednesday, May 28th live @ noon Chicago time (that's 10 am california and 1 pm nyc)
Daytime Debauchery with Dan & Mike
click here to check it oooot!
choose "listen am"

Call Steve Poltz in the studio: (312) 224-8273
and axe him questions (strange quuestions are fine)
IM us: fearlessradio00 on AIM & Yahoo
fearlessradio on MSN
these guys are beisbol fans so I am excited!
later gators,

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May 27, 2008

Ya No Queiro Taco Bell


This was taken in a really cool dinerr somewhere in the middle of New Mexico. It was funny because the place looked scary and then inside there was this picture of the dog sick from Taco Bell. The food inside was amazing and the picture reminded me of what made me sick at the beginning of a the Traveling and Unraveling tour when Chris Modl suggested I eat a late night snack at a toxic hell drive through in Yreka California.

I am off to Chicago today and I shall go see The Cubbies play. Then tomorrow on Wednesday, I play in Evanston Illinois at The Brothers K Coffee House. (500 Main Street between Chicago Ave and Hinman Ave.) My friend Erick Rudiak is opening the show. He is a Russian Jew involved in the Eastern Mafia. He has a son named Luke who already writes songs at the age of 2. The songs mastly go "goo goo ga ga goo goo goo. ga ga gaaaaa ga gag ga oooh oooh ooh ooh." The kid is a lyrical genius and I was threatened with my life if Luke doesn't get to play sometime in between Erick and myself. I chose life.
Praise The Lord,
P.S. More about Erick

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May 26, 2008



My fiend Matt the Electrician is a very cool singer/songwriter friend of mine from Austin Tx. He has cool kids and a talented wife who makes way cool custom sewn shirts. She made one for me and 98 pounder and she'll make one for you. Ramonsterwear is the site to go to for your sartorial splendor. To check out Matt's music go here or go here. Have fun shopping and supporting artisans.
Best Wishes,

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May 25, 2008

Back in Nashvegas


Got back to my room in Nashville and what did I find when i pulled out my room service menu? The Story of Jesus! There's all kinds of Jesus literature in every drawer of this room. I wonder if it's a Tennessee law or some sort of aberration. I shall find out tomorrow at breakfast.

How did the show go you ask? I was awful but the crowd was really cool. I just didn't have the spark or magic. I may as well have been a wallflower growing in the sun. I probably only said about three words to the audience. Sometimes I just get spooked and feel totally out of place and rusty. In my mind I kept thinking, "man you are sucking tonight. Do something!" Oh well- there's always the next show in some other town.

I like Nashville. I need to spend more time here and discover it and drive around the Natchez Trace southbound for hours and hours. This is the last place where people still sell songs and pitch them and have writing sessions. I'm probably exaggerating here but you get the idea.

The Padres won an 18 inning game today! They usually lose those games so it was a treat to glance at the tv and watch the highlights.

What would you do with 3 trillion dollars? I love this site and I think you will too. I got turned on to it the other day and I keep going back to it. Late at night I think about what I would do with all that cash.
Sleep time,

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May 24, 2008

Watch a live performance of Street Fighter's Face


The other day I went into KPBS to visit and sing some songs. They video taped a performance of Street Fighter's Face and all you have to do is scroll down to watch. Well, I guess you first have to click on the words Street Fighter's Face.
I think I'm starting to have too much fun with this new Movable Type system we had installed on this website.

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More fun in New Mexico

I forgot to put this pic up of my last trip to New Mexico. It's one of my favorites from the whole tour. The other band that was on the bill is called Po Girl. They couldn't get either of us right. I hope you guys have a great weekend and if you get the chance come on out to my show in Nashville. The show will be broadcast live on The Lighting 100 and you can listen if you feel like it. Click here to check it out. I think I go on first at 8 pm Nashville time. I reckon that would make it 6 pm California time and 9 pm eastern time. If you live on Mars then you're 2 days ahead and I've already played the show. I hope I was good.
The video for Rains is now up to 454 plays on You Tube. Click here to see it and send it out to your pals on Mars.
Peace out,

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May 23, 2008

Some Things I know


I'll be playing a show in Nashville on Sunday night.
I'm tired of being on the road.
I never thought I'd say that.
I like being home.
I love playing music.
I must travel to do my job.

I look old with a beard

  • My manager says I should dye my hair.
  • I love baseball.
  • The Padres have the worst record in beisbol.
  • Once I'm out on the road it starts to get fun.
  • I go to this website everyday.
My new video for Rains already has 267 views. Hopefully one day it will have 12 million. I don't mean to sound off kilter but I am. This too shall pass. I'm just getting going.
Gotta go be a traveler. SJJP
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May 22, 2008

Rains Video

Hey amigos,
Here is the video for Rains. I leave for a small tour and I hope to see you on the trail. I don't have any excuses for not writing lately other than we were getting a new version of Movable Type for blogging. So I hope this works. Woo Hoo! More bells and whistles. I wonder if I'll use them.

This is my myspace page. I hope that link works, because if it does then I am in business.
Be well. The Padres are killing me.

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