August 2008

August 27, 2008

I broke a G string on The National Anthem and nobody knew (woo hoo!)


This was a really fun day. Wait- this was a stellar day! I got to sing The National Anthem with my dear pal Gregory Page and his Uncle Dave before The Padres game today. Not only did the Padres sweep The Diamondbacks by winning all 3 games of this week's series but I got to break a G string which means I must have really rocked. After the Anthem I was in a post-show bliss. Then after the game we got to hang with future hall of famer Trevor Hoffman (on my right) and last year's Cy Young award winner Jake peavy (on my left) while the trainer fixed them with all kinds of drugs and whatnot. Just kidding about the drugs man.
During the game I got to give advice to Padres CEO Sandy Alderson (white shirt) and it seemed like he really listened. I need to get some sleep because I have an early flight to Mississippi.
This day ruled!

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August 25, 2008

In case you were wondering...


Because I am a patriot and I love this country. Because I believe we need to change direction. Because with the world's eyes upon us this is our finest hour with a great chance to make history and turn this country around. Because I believe we need a measured thinker with a calm demeanor and a born leader with enough sense to listen and make adjustments for the greater good of the country. If you feel like I do or even if you don't, please register to vote and use that right for whatever you believe, but please do get out and vote. Vote your mind and your conscience and your heart. I can't stand it when somebody tells me who to vote for so please understand that I am just asking you to register to vote and get your friends to do the same.

I believe we have been duped by a haze of fear mongering leaders who don't have anyone's back but their own. People who have somehow hijacked the flag of The United States of America and questioned the patriotism and loyalty of anyone who would dare doubt them. I'm sick and tired of it and am ready for change. On November 4th, 2008 I hope we have a record turnout to the polls.

To register to vote please click here.

P.S. I will be singing the National Anthem with Gregory Page at Wednesday's Padres vs. Diamondbacks baseball game. The game starts at 12:30 pm. We sing at around 12:20

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August 23, 2008

Mouton Noir means Black Sheep in French


I played a show the other night at The Black Sheep near Ottawa in a small hamlet by the name of Wakefield, in beautiful Quebec. There were lots of people speaking French and everything was all cute like I was in Europe. I mean, itís like Canada is a different country or something. The show was a hoot and my friends from the band Little Miss Higgins showed up because they had a night off and were playing the next night at the same venue. Iíd met them a month ago at the Stan Rogers folk festival in Canso, near Cape Breton. You know- it's where my Aunt Roseanne and Uncle harry live! Itís crazy how much musicians travel and weave their way across North America. The last words I said to them before they left the folk festival were ďwhat are you going to get me for Christmas?Ē We shared a dormitory in a a cabin and I was still asleep as they were leaving. So they showed up the other night with Christmas presents all wrapped up real purty like. The got me a vintage Gene Autry book and a blue bandana so I can join The Crips and some soap! They make their own soap! Or at least they get it packaged by some cool hippie soap makers in the Canadian Prairie. Christmas presents in August rock. I donít know why more people donít get me Christmas presents in August. Avoid the crowds and get all of the presents you plan on getting me early.

The other cool thing about that was the sign outside the window with my name on it. As you can see below, there was a spider dangling over my name like he knew I was Spider Boy. I loved that spider and got to talk with him/her for a spell.
Krainz Photography

The next night I went halfway across the country to Oakville, Ontario because my Canadian booking agent has a map of Canada on his wall in his office and thinks itís actual size. I played The Moonshine Cafť and it only cost 5 dollars to get in to the show. 5 five cinco etc.... So I played for 3 hours to punish them for making it so cheap. If they had charged the proper 15 dollars I would have given them an hour and a half and let them go like a normal person. But instead I tortured them with an extra ninety minutes of continuous blabbering on and on and on. I wanted to stretch it to four hours but I ran out of gas. Thatís a really cool venue and I hope to be back soon. The owners of The Moonshine are champs.

I finished the tour at The Irish Mountain Music concert series in the middle of nowhere outside of Meaford, Ontario. This is one of the most beautiful settings Iíve ever played. They had an outdoor stage in their backyard of this beautiful house with a great sound system and lawn seating. Good times.

Iím now sitting in an airport in Toronto waiting for my flight and hopefully making it back in time for Berkley Hartís James Taylor tribute concert In Encinitas California. Iím supposed to perform 2 songs at 10 pm. I arrive at 8 ish so that gives me scant time to high tail it up to North County to sings some songs.

Cheers and stuff,

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August 18, 2008

My Life is Complete (I made MLB.COM!!!!)


You guys know how much I love the game of beisbol. I live for it and drink it and breathe it and it's the first thing I look for in the morning when I fire up my computer. I constantly check scores and even downloaded the new application for my phone that lets me see video updates instantly. To put it simply, I'm obsessed. Most of my conversations with my pal Westy are about beisbol and scores and news and highlights. ( By the way- Happy belated 40th Westy on Aug 15th!)

So I get a call from a very cool writer for named Doug Miller. He was referred to me by Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips. How cool is that? Tim Bluhm tells Doug that he needs to talk to his beisbol crazy friend about his passion for the game. So Doug calls me and here is the article.

Here's what the front page looks like.

I am grinning ear to ear and sending out massive thanks to Doug Miller.

Utah was amazing. Snowbird is beautiful in the summer and I wil be back for more shows in the Beehive State and its amazing Wasatch Mountain Range.

I am off to Toronto.
Here is an article previewing the Toronto show.
Thanks again,

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August 14, 2008

New Shows! Just Updated at 3:02 pm pacific time hell yeah Dre!


sorry about not writing the last couple of days
I was booking new shows!
hope to see you

Aug 17
Snowbird Cool Air Concert Series
2 pm afternoon show
web info

Aug 19
Hugh's Room (Live Tour Presents)
2261 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6R 1X6, Canada
(416) 531-6604

Aug 20
Black Sheep Inn
420 Riverside Drive, Wakefield, Quebec, J0X 3G0
(819) 459-3228

Aug 21
Moonshine Cafe
137 Kerr Street
Oakville, ON L6K 3A6, Canada
(905) 844-2655
Aug 22
Irish Mountain Guest House

Aug 27
(National Anthem @ Padres vs. Diamondbacks)
singing duo with Gregory Page

Aug 28
(opening for Paul Thorn)
Starkville, Mississippi

Aug 29
The New Daisy Theatre
(opening for Paul Thorn)
Memphis, Tennessee

Aug 30
(opening for Paul Thorn)
Jackson, Mississippi

Sept 11
The Moore
Seattle Wa
(opening for Jewel)

Sept 12
Ramona Ca
Cheers of Ramona

Sept 13
Private Party

Sept 17
San Diego Music Awards
playing 2 songs live with The Cynics
Viejas Concerts in the Park
San Diego Ca
Vote Here

friday, september 19th
bend - dallas
location tba
tickets at

saturday, september 20th
hill country galleria
bee caves,
Austin, Texas
ticketless show / free show

sunday, september 21st
bend - houston
508 pecore street
tickets at

Sept 26
WOLFVILLE, N.S. CANADA Deep Roots Music Festival
Sept 27
WOLFVILLE, N.S. CANADA Deep Roots Music Festival
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Oct 22
Sleepy Creek Vineyards
Fairmount, IL

Oct 23
Cedarburg Cultural Center

Oct 24

Oct 30
for tix email: [email protected]
20th Century Theatre

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August 12, 2008

Easier Said Than Done


When I was a boy the first record I ever bought was a 45 single of the song Easier Said Then Done by The Essex. I paid 10 cents for it at a garage sale. I rushed home and put it on the turntable at 33 rpm and it sounded really low and slow like the devil singing to me or something. I got really scared and said a prayer to God and then I realized I needed to change the speed to 45 rpm and it would sound alright. Being that 10 cents was a lot of money to me back then I listened to it over and over and over and probably drove my sister kathy crazy. I LOVED the beat of the song and the smooth sound of Anita Hume's vocals. The background vocals were amazing as well with the deep voices of Marines all breathy and syncopated. Listen here and try not to move along with the beat. The hook will be stuck in your head for days. Stickier than a duct taped stool pigeon being questioned by the mob. Legend has it that the song was recorded in about 20 minutes. These guys were Marines stationed at Camp Lejune, North Carolina after coming home from Okinawa in 1962. They wrote it to the beat of a teletype machine! How cool is that? The copy I bought looked just like the one above and I remember staring at the roulette logo for hours reading every little bit of information again and again. If I ever see one in a record store I'm buying it.
Move on dot org

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August 10, 2008

Thanks for a sweet night


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August 9, 2008

Final Requests for tonight


I got the requests you so kindly sent in. If there are any last ones please file them below.

The Padres ended up losing again last night. I watched every painful rain delayed inning. At least they keep on finding new and creative ways to blow the game. So we got that going for us which is nice.

I think I'm going to go clean out my closet and give away all of my shirts. I'll just bring them to The Belly Up and you can have them to use to polish your gas guzzlers with.
How come the price of gas keeps going up yet the price of cds goes down? It costs a lot to travel to these cities and play music. Shouldn't President Bush give a gas break to troubadours since we make people happy? I just don't see him really giving a shit. Maybe Cheney will do it. He has a lesbian daughter so he must be kind of sensitive right? Yeah, that's the ticket, I'll write to Dick Cheney and tell him about my plight and he'll cut me a gas break. Maybe he'll just cut me some gas. Wait, that sounds awful.

If you would like to hear my performance on KGB fm then go here and scroll down to August 8th and there are 2 parts. You can opt for a pod cast or just listen right there.

See ya tonight in Sandy Eggo,

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August 8, 2008

Hoffee rhymes with Coffee


I was practicing with Christopher Hoffee this week for Saturday's show and he had a triple shot of espresso mixed with vanilla and poured over ice cold coca cola. It's called a Vincent Vega. He wasn't even wired from it. In fact, he yawned. I had one sip and I was bouncing off of the walls and almost had an anxiety attack. Then we practiced songs and messed about on photoshop took the picture above and started a new country.

Radio was fun this morning on KGB. Dave Shelly and Chainsaw are great hosts and let me go off like a crazy banshee. Same with Jeff and Jer yesterday morning. I like it when I get a lot of time to spin yarns and and sing songs. It's not such a bad life. I got my butt kicked in yoga today and I'm still feeling it. My friend little Tommy had me try The Bikram Yoga Mira Mesa location. Good sweaty times.
The Padres are so bad this year that it reminds me of the old days when they were always bad. They got my hope up the last few years but this year they flat out stink. But I still watch the games and I still love 'em. In fact I'm watching them right now. Colorado 2 Padres nothing in the 3rd inning. We'll see...
Hasta Luego,

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August 7, 2008

More Radio Tomorrow


I'm looking forward to playing the Belly Up Saturday night with my friends The Cynics backing me up. If there are any requests you have please file them below. The radio was fun today and should be again tomorrow morning. It's an early wake up call but I quit sleeping months ago so it doesn't really matter. What I am really wondering is: where did the years go? I just got news that a childhood friend of mine passed away. I hadn't seen him since the 7th grade when he moved away from Palm Springs. If you click here and scroll down to disposable things you will see a picture of me on a basketball playground with 2 other friends. I'm in the green shirt and Terry is in the white and Mark Swisher (r.i.p.) is in the orange. It seems like it was just yesterday we were shooting baskets and laughing at something stupid. Man- you never know when you're time is up. I really liked Mark. I wish I had stayed in touch...

For info on Friday's radio schedule read below

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August 6, 2008

Upcoming radio in San Diego


HI Freaks,
I'm going to be on the radio on Thursday and Friday. Just giving you advance notice in case you want to listen on line.

WHO: Star 94.1 FM in San Diego
WHAT: Live in-studio interview & performance on the Jeff & Jer Show
WHEN: Thurs., Aug. 7 8am California time
Listen Here


WHO: KGB FM 101.5 San Diego
WHAT: Live in-studio interview & performance Dave Shelly and Chainsaw show
WHEN: Friday, Aug. 8 7:30am California time
Listen Here

and then later that same morning-----

WHO: KPRI 102.1 FM San Diego
WHAT: Live in-studio interview & performance with morning host Oz Medina
WHEN: Friday, Aug. 8 9am California time
Listen Here

The on Saturday I play a show at The Belly Up Tavern with The Cynics as my band.

Hope you fly in from Australia or somewhere like that cool guy Dean from Melbourne.


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August 5, 2008

The Hargrove Situation


This is my favorite song I've ever made up. To you it may not make sense but to me it is perfect. I had so much fun making this video in my place.
It took a lot of takes but this was the best one.

Someone please rescue me.

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August 4, 2008

Guest Blogger Joe Daly (aka Westy)


This is a picture of Joe Daly who is the guest blogger for today. Every once in awhile I plan on opening up this space for people to write their own column. I've known Joe for years and met him when he was living in Chicago and he would let my band mates and me crash at his apartment when we had Rugburns gigs in the windy city. The opinions expressed in this article are those solely of the author and not of Steve Poltz, or 98 Pounder Records------------------ Here's Joe---------------------!

"Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through.† Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it.† This is a kind of death."† -
Manny Ramirez

OK, Manny never said that.† In fact, I'm pretty sure that Manny doesn't even know most of those words, let alone have the capacity to arrange them in the above order.† That quote came from Anais Nin, and it's safe to say that Manny's likely never heard of her either, nor read any of her works.† But I really want to believe that when Manny started beating AARP members and claiming phantom knee ailments, that it was not a pattern of thoughtless petulance, but a brilliant campaign to summon forth his highest nature and in doing so, propel all of humanity to a greater state of unification and brotherhood.
Yeah, no, that wasn't it at all.†
As a longtime (read emotionally-stilted)Red Sox fan, everyone's asking me what I think about Manny Ramirez being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.† As far as I'm concerned, that story is about as newsworthy as hearing that Joe Morgan has an enlarged prostate.† Manny's unceremonious trade to Los Angeles is not news- it is simply the inevitable consequence of a jerk with a lot of money, acting like a jerk with a lot of money.† That's what rich jerks do, and with a legion of preceding examples, from Howard Hughes to Paris Hilton, we should not be surprised when someone with a large fortune acts like a self-seeking boob.†
What IS newsworthy, and what has been largely ignored by the "popular media" (which for all you latin fans, literally means "middle of the people" [and when you read that, hold up your first two fingers of each hand and bend them in unison, once for each word, for pretense and effect]), †wait- where was I?†
Oh yeah, the real news is a story recently broke by our friends at Conde Nast: †Manny poops in towels.†
I kid you not:†Manny-Ramirez-and-Red-Sox .† For those too weary to read this, when Manny Ramirez shows up at the clubhouse and poops, he insists on wiping himself off with fresh towels, rather than using toilet paper.† In doing so, he has occasionally clogged the plumbing system with these befouled linens.† And it is this story that I am shocked to see lingering in relative obscurity.
Now technically, Manny uses towels to polish his sepia-toned fanny, but I think you'll all agree that the effect is essentially the same.† This, my friends, is the height of caprice.† To demand the soothing brush of terry cloth for that particular aspect of bum maintenance, when by all accounts his colleagues were more than satisfied with two-ply alternatives, simply underscores how far reaching his jerkiness had expanded.† You can't have a toilet clogger in the clubhouse.† Philandering, tattooed, steroid-shooting, drunk driving, seal clubbing reprobates from all walks of life are routinely welcomed into baseball clubhouses the world over without judgment or scorn.† But no one likes a toilet clogger.† No one.† Adios, Manny.† I'd say we hardly knew ye, but I think we probably got to know ye a little too well.†
All that being said, thanks for the two World Series.† You jerk.
Brah- can I use this space for a couple other quick hits?† Thanks.† Yeah, I know this is long.† Your bad for offering me this space without a word limit.† Idiot.† SPIN magazine gives me 300 words, max.† When you mentioned this on the phone and then hung up without so much as a "keep it brief," it was all I could do to not lean out the window †with my nightcap on, like Ebeneezer Scrooge on Christmas Day, hailing young passersby to go fetch me a gigantic Christmas goose.†† Thanks.
I saw "Chariots of Fire" again yesterday.† When the movie began, I was pretty stoked.† It had been some time since I'd seen it, and I was pretty sure that I had once liked it.† Two hours later, I felt like the world's biggest chump, having wasted ANOTHER two hours watching old timey English sissies parade about in knickers.† For a minute there I thought I was watching the weekly Parliament session on CSPAN.
Finally, I'd just like to say that the Olympics are just a few days away and amidst all of the stories about journalistic repression, toxic air, Tibet, and doping, why in the world isn't anyone talking about the driving situation there?† I mean, at the risk of being politically incorrect, I live in an area largely populated by Far Eastern students, many of whom attempt driving on a regular and harrowing basis.† Are we supposed to just assume that all of a sudden everyone in Beijing is going to become a careful and attentive driver? †Were I an Olympic athlete, I'd walk to my damn event.† †OK, let's say it all together- "the opinions expressed in this article are those solely of the author and not of Steve Poltz, 98 Pounder Records, or any of Steve's several offshore gambling operations that he uses for money laundering and tax sheltering purposes."† Is that the disclaimer you were looking for, "Mr. Litigation Pants??† I'm going to bed.

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August 3, 2008

Sugar Boogers!


This video is rated I for immature. I made it today instead of going to the beach and exercising and stuff like that. Why eat food? Just stay inside all day and make videos.

Last night's shows were a hoot. The Ramona Country Fair was corn doggin' awesome. I even had a quarter of a bit of a corn dog to remind me why I don't eat them. Then I tried a bit of funnel cake loaded with extra grease. I woke up with 10 new zits!

After the fair we played Lestat's and it was late by the time we finished. That was a sweet show too. Except Lestat's doesn't sell corn dog which really sucks. I wanted everyone to have an upset stomach.

Enjoy the new video!

Stevey joe Steve joe

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August 2, 2008

Super Taco Dilemma


Wow, talk about never leaving your house. I am pasty and need to get some sleep and go outside. Maybe sleep outside. I was on the phone with my friend Ryan in Ohio trying to learn how to make videos and it was the most frustrating, fun, time-sucking 24 hours I've spent in a long time. Thanks Ryan for your extreme patience with me. Anyways, Check out the world premiere of Super Taco Dilemma!

Woo Hoo!

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August 1, 2008

Paradise Pie


Listen to a mellow song and have a great Friday. I had a wonderful time teaching our songwriting workshop on my camping trip with my dear friend Tim Bluhm up in Yosemite in the Ansel Adams backcountry. We had everyone write a song called Paraddise Pie. The trip was sold out and we are already planning to do the next one in Costa Rica and then back in Yosemite. Hopefully 2 in one year.

Listen Here!

also- I am playing The Ramona County Fair in Ramona, Ca at 8 pm sharp on Saturday night August 2 and then- shhhhhh I'll be somewhere else at midnight. With The Cynics!


Love is a good thing and makes the world go around and around and around. Be kind rewind.

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