September 2008

September 18, 2008

New DVD out today and then there were only 2 Texas shows this weekend


I have a new DVD I'm releasing today. You can order it right here from the good folks at Here's what the back cover looks like. It's also got lots of post-show interviews and about 4 bonus tracks. It's a dvd and it also contains a cd for your driving pleasure. It also comes with a microwave inside and bat saliva. And if you act now, you will attain inner peace with the odds of nirvana increasing if you were to maybe buy ummm- say 2 (two) instead of one. A couple of the packages contain soylent green and about 5 others have a small Czech family of 7 living inside of the cardboard insert. Also- most people will think you're really cool because you had the good sense to invest in music. It's like owning a restaurant: YOU CAN'T LOSE! If you buy this dvd today then you have a good possibility of finding true love and you'll definitely get put on the short list toward Catholic sainthood. So go ahead and buy 7 or 8.

My Sunday Sept 21st show in Houston got cancelled due to the hurricane.
The show in Dallas is still on at 8pm on Sept 19 at:
rock house films
3006 cole avenue
northeast corner of cole and sneed
Sept 20 I am in Austin Tx
at Hill Country Galleria
6 pm with Matt the Electrician

I played at The San Diego Music Awards last night with The Cynics. We had a good time. I was nominated for album of the year which was pretty cool. I didn't win but that's ok because I have a new dvd out! Did I mention that if you buy it you'll feel like you did win an award? I did? I mean: I did!

One final thing- Unraveling came out on Itunes yesterday so I got that going for me... which is nice.
Boo ya crunk

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September 10, 2008

young days old days

I am off to Portland today. It's a city in Oregon. I like the city of Port- Land. The people are mostly good and they like to eat food and ride bikes. Tomorrow I'll be in Seattle. Seattle rhymes with battle and prattle. Hope to see you in the great northwest. However, if you live in San Diego, then I am playing right near there in the city of Ramona. This event happens on Friday night. If you live anywhere else then unfortunately it will cost a lot of dough to come and see me play so I suggest you stay home and save your money for medicine and light bulbs.


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September 4, 2008

Portland, Oregon show just added!


Since I'm going to be all the way up in the northwest playing a Seattle show on September 11, I decided to add a show the day before at the last minute in Portland Oregon. Ya see, my friends Julie and Chico own a hair salon and they want to have a show. So why not? You don't even need an I.D. to get in. I mean- what are they going to do? Card you for getting a haircut? I played there once before and had a good enough time that I want to do it again. It will cost you as many dollars as what day it is. 10 ten 10
Here's the deets:
Wed. September 10th
Salon 13
1237 S.E. Stark
Portland, Oregon 97214
for ticket info call Julie at (503) 421-3409
See you in The Beaver State,

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September 3, 2008

Le Anthem Nacional con mi amigo Gregoir Page y su Tio David


I guess someone did film us singing the National Anthem after all. My manager sent me a link to this. This is a lo-fi clip of us singing at Petco Park. For those of you that don't know Gregory Page, I suggest you check him out. I met him years ago at a now closed club called Megolopolis here in San Diego. It was a foggy night and we stood outside after the club closed discussing our love of James Taylor. We spoke in hushed tones because it was uncool for a guy like me in The Rugburns and a guy like Gregory Page in a goth band Baba Yaga to have a love for the Martha's Vineyard living mellow folkie. We couldn't help ourselves and Gregory even showed me his peace sign tattoo that he got because he heard James had one.

We're still good friends and we probably talk everyday for at least 10 seconds. He puts out a cd every time he goes to the bathroom. Collect them all and you won't be sorry. He traveled with me for years in The Rugburns and played bass and sang his big ol' heart out. I hope you get to see him play live sometime because he will blow your minds.

That's Gregory's Uncle David Page on the drum. He makes his own drums! Then he sells them to people like you.
Anyways, I hope you dig the Anthem because we sure had fun singing it. We were real nervous and almost peed our pants. We did it in the key of scaredy cat.


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September 1, 2008

Mississippi and Paul Thorn


Mississippi is like a different country. First thing that happened when I got off of the plane in Jackson was the rental car lot security lady asked me for my autograph. She didn't know who I was but I guess she thought I was famous because I had a guitar with lots of travel stickers on it. So I gave her my autograph while apologetically saying to her that she probably was mistaking me for someone else. Then we took a picture together and I asked her to come out to the show but she said she was Christian and didn't go out to bars.

I drove 3 hours up to Starkville for a show that night with my friend Paul Thorn. Starkville is a college town in Oktibbeha County. It's also the home of The Mississippi State University Bulldogs. Paul Thorn is from Elvis Presley's hometown of Tupelo Mississippi so he was in his own backyard. But I gotta tell you that I felt like I was in a land far away. The bar we played was called Ricks and reminded me of something out of the movie Roadhouse. It was awesome! The crowd couldn't have given 2 shits about me when I walked out and played and I was sweating like a Calcutta street vendor in the middle of a cholera outbreak. I thought for sure the crowd hated me because they were talking so loud through my set but when I finished everyone was coming up wanting to buy cds or at least have a chat. Strangest thing I ever did see at a gig. The owner of the club is Rick and he was a great host even firing up the kitchen late at night to cook me some supper. I have a new love affair with the spooky south. I need to read more William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams and Richard Wright, Alice Walker and Eudora Welty.

I love the soul food and the lush greenery and the musical history and I'm going to go back and discover more. Paul Thorn and his band are so cool to hang with. If you get a chance check 'em out. It was pretty cool hanging with Paul after the show and swapping stories of travel and music and life. I mean, this guy was a boxer who fought Roberto Duran for Crissakes! All I did was wrestle other 98 pounders but he got in the ring with Manos De Piedra. We also played shows in Jackson Mississippi and Memphis Tennessee. I wish I would have had a show in Oxford, Ms. Thats where Ole Miss plays football and Starkville and Oxford hate each other. I really want to play in Oxford because the Presidential debates are there this year and my friends in Blue Mountain tell me it's "more artsy." I got to hang with the Blue Mountain folks after my Starkville gig. They're awesome and you need to buy their new cd. My drummer and friend Patrick Dennis did the artwork. Frank Lee Drennen took the photos. The same guys that did the art and photos my new cds.

I hope Mississippi votes Obama, but it's been a red state for years. Too bad because that state's got some soul. Some swampy greasy soul leaking out of its spooky pores. I'm going back and I hope it's sooner than later.

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